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What is Satrah T17 upto

Back to Ranthambhore after a fortnight & the landscape has already changed, dry grass is now more prominently visible, especially in areas with less canopy cover. Though the park still retains its green landscape, small streams & water pools have started drying. The intensity of water flow through Gomukh (cow head structure) at Mishradarra gate has reduced, and so is the fate of small streams & water bodies except for the three big lakes.  Some people say that the coming summers would be tough as compared to the previous year, as this year a lot of rainwater got washed away due to continuous heavy downpours.

T17 Ranthambore

Taking the road back home

Sightings are usually disturbed in October historically but the urge of seeing newborn cubs of T17 took me to Ranthambhore once again. Heard that she has now shifted her cubs to a new area near Kachidda Valley. Yes, this area is pretty much part of her territory but is also part of the territory of T25 and his two sub-adult cubs. Most of us including me, until recently have believed that these cubs are the result of mating with T28 aka star male in January 2012. Therefore, is she not risking the lives of her newborn by taking them to this new area OR is there a twist in the tale??? Saw her returning to her cubs after a quick visit to the throne, lake area. She had probably started early and smartly travelled some 8-10 km area without leaving any trace of her movement. Her sudden appearance on fort road surprised many. Upon being satisfied with no immediate threat in her absence, she started her return journey without any rest back to her cubs, this time leaving enough signs of her royal visit.

During my last trip had sighted T25 in the lake area, his first ever visit to the lake area which is otherwise territory of his arch-rival T28 & now T17 moving with her cubs into the area of T25, looks like the stage is set for some real drama in months to come. Is T25 the father of these cubs instead of T28?? If so, why did she choose to give birth & stay in the lake area for the last 3-4 months? Some people jokingly say that given her history of flings, she might not be sure about who the real father is. Whatever may be the truth, I do anticipate some action happening in the next few months.  Would be closely watching these series of events as they happen in the most expensive piece of wild real estate at Ranthambhore.


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