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Latest News and updates from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve as & when it happens.  If it’s happening in Ranthambore you will find it here, The latest news first:

  • New changes in Ranthambore online booking system implemented effective 01.05.2024. For details read our blog post
  • Tatkal quota for Jeep safaris is increased from 15 Jeeps to 20 jeeps effective 1st May 2024
  • One of the Oldest Females in RNP, T60 was found dead today. 04.02.2024
  • Zones 1-5 of Ranthambore National Park will remain closed for visitors on Tuesday (full day) & zones 6-10 will remain closed on Wednesday (full day) effective 12th October 2023. There is no impact on permits booked before 12.10.2023. More information here
  • Ranthambore National Park opened for visitors today. Riddhi the current queen of Ranthambore was sighted with her 3 cubs and partner T120 male in the first safari. 01.10.2023
  • T107 aka Sultana sighted with a cub in a camera trap image. 25.08.203
  • T119, a young tigress from zone 2 of the park shifted to Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve today T119 is the daughter of T60: 06.08.2023
  • Arrowhead aka T84 spotted with 3 new cubs today. 25.07.2023
  • T102 now RVTR 2 at Ramgarh Tiger Reserve sighted with 3 cubs, this is her second litter here: 15.07.2023
  • T124 aka Riddhi, was sighted with 3 small cubs around the lake area on 21.06.2023. Official photos were released by the forest department on 15.07.2023
  • Ranthambore National Park & all other parks of Rajasthan are to remain closed on Wednesdays throughout the year effective 1st July 2023, source Forest Secretary Govt of Rajasthan. 26.05.2023
  • T104, the blue-eyed male reported dead during relocation to Sajjangarh, details awaited. 10.05.2023
  • Fighting Between Noorie and her female cub was reported at Ranthambore during the morning safari. 06.05.2023
  • T104 aka Cheeku, the male cub of T41 aka Laila to be shifted to Sajjangarh Biological Park from Enclosure 
  • T83 aka Lighting daughter of Krishna and sister of Arrowhead found dead at Mukundara Tiger Reserve
  • Annual hike in safari entry fee at Ranthambore by 10% effective 1st April 2023
  • T19 aka Krishna died today at Ranthambore today, she was 16 years old on 08.02.23
  • T114 a resident female of zone 10 was found dead today. The Forest department team started searching for her after one of her cubs was found dead on a farm. 31.01.23
  • T57 another prominent male at Ranthambore died due to illness today. The Forest department was treating him for the last few days as he was unable to hunt and eat. 10.01.23 
  • T24 aka Ustaad famous male Tiger from Ranthambore died at Sajjangarh biological park post illness 28.12.22 
  • Riddhi aka T124 sighted with a cub at Ranthambore today evening 29.11.22
  • Ranthambore National Park is all set to reopen for tourists effective 1st October.
  • Pre-booked Full day & half-day safaris are being converted into regular safaris on the same day, and the difference amount is to be refunded.
  • Full-day and Half day safaris at Ranthambore stopped going forward. 
  • Arrowhead aka T84, the current queen of Ranthambore sighted with 3 cubs. This is her third litter. 14.07.21
  • T65, a Male cub from the first litter of Krishna aka T19 found dead. 06.07.21
  • Zones 6-10 of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve will remain open for tourists during the monsoon period of July- September. 01.07.21
  • T111 aka Shakti daughter of Krishna and Granddaughter of Machli sighted with 4 cubs. Cubs are approximately 2 months old. 19.06.21
  • A new Tiger T121 born in the non-tourism zone has been sighted recently at RTR on zones 3,4 and 5.
  • New cubs sighted at Ranthambore T102 sighted with 4 cubs around 5/6 months old whereas T107 sighted with 2 cubs.
  • All zones of Ranthambore National Park are open for visitors effective today. 01.10.20
  • Ranthambhore forest department offers a new plan for those who could not do safaris in March-May due to the lockdown. No refund will be provided, guests can replan new dates till June 2022, 3 date options are to be provided to the forest department. More information soon 19.06.2020
  • Ranthambhore National Park and other wildlife sanctuaries in the state are likely to open for visitors from 8th June 2020. For new guidelines post covid, read out the latest blog
  • The Rajasthan government is planning to open Ranthambhore National Park and other sanctuaries soon 28.05.19
  • Park entry fees for Indian and foreign tourists hiked by 10% for all segments of safaris - jeep/cantor/full day/ half day. 13.05.20
  • T25 aka Dollar Male from Ranthambore was famous for taking care of two female cubs Bina 1 and Bina 2 after the death of their mother T5 was found dead in the Khandaar range of the park, the reason for death as per officials- fight with another male. 20.01.2020
  • Pacman aka T85 a 5-year-old male tiger born who hailed from the clan of legendary Machli was found dead yesterday post a territorial fight as per officials. 31.10.18
  • Bookings for full-day half-day safaris are open again. To book a full-day/half-day safari at Ranthambore, write to us – 22.10.19
  • Ranthambore safaris are now 100% online and available for next 365 days. Even current/ tatkal booking safaris are now available online. Jan 2019
  • Putting an end to rumors of her having given birth to cubs, Arrowhead aka T84 was finally sighted with cubs. 02.01.19
  • T23 brother of male T24 who was assumed dead by most as there were signs of his presence suddenly made an appearance today : 20.10.18
  • Safari cost increase alert: Ranthambore safari prices have been increased by 10% across all segments effective 15th October 2018. Safari permits booked earlier with safari dates post Oct 15th would also be required to pay the differential fee. 15.10.18
  • Noor & her current partner T57 were sighted mating by guests: 03.10.18
  • Ranthambore National Park opened for visitors on Oct 1st  2018, the park has had maximum rains in last few years and it is visible : 01.10.18
  • Safari tickets for next one year will now be available online for Ranthambore Tiger Reserve effective 15th September 2018. Those planning to visit anytime in next 365 days can pre-book safari tickets using this facility. 02.09. 18
  • T39 aka Noor was reported mating with her current partner & dominant male T57 . 14.08.18
  • Safari Bookings for coming season already open now.
  • T59, the resident female of Quali ji zone 9 was sighted with two 10 month old cubs by tourists. These are the first set of cubs born in this area. 02.06.18
  • T91 shifted to Mukundara Tiger Reserve, third tiger reserve of Rajasthan. This is the first tiger there after 15 years. 03.04.18
  • Lightning aka T83 was sighted with 2 cubs today evening . 31.03.18
  • Phoolchand Ji, the great forester and care taker of Machli at her prime died after a long illness today More on him here. 28.03.18
  • Dollar Male aka T25 surprised everyone with his sudden appearance at the lakes after almost 1 year 25.03.18
  • Star male aka T28 died due to old age today, he was 12+ years old 20.03.18
  • T84 was sighted mating with T86, looks like she has lost the cubs which were born few weeks back 18.03.18
  • Arrow head aka T84 sighted with two two/three week old cubs today. The legacy of Legendary tigress Machli continues at Ranthambore- 22.02.18
  • T19 sighted with 3 cubs in safari today which confirms the fact that one cubs has been lost from her current litter. She had given birth to 4 cubs which were first sighted in June 2017. 15.10.17
  • More cubs at Ranthambore, Tigress T13 sighted with one cub in image captured by camera traps placed by forest department. As per officials there could be more than one cubs. 14.10.17
  • Ranthambore National Park is now open for visitors 01.10.17
  • T33 a resident male of tourism zone died post injuries as a result of fight with another male tiger rumored to be T75 .
  • T84 aka arrowhead is also believed to be pregnant & is likely to give birth to cubs in coming season.
  • Safari bookings for Next season at Ranthambore are now open, plan your trip dates if not already done. 03.9.17
  • Zone 1-5 of Ranthambore National Park are now closed for till 30th September on account of annual rains. Zones 6-10 would remain open for visitors during monsoon. 30.06.17
  • On last day T83 and T19 were sighted by tourists. Looked like T83 is also pregnant & would be giving birth to cubs soon. 30.06.17
  • T19 sighted with 4 new cubs today morning by tourists, this is her third litter. 23.06.17
  • Prices of jeep safari- regular, Tatkal, full day and half day have been increased effective 23.06.17
  • T8- the resident female of zone 8 was sighted with 3 small cubs today morning on zone 6. 28.02.17
  • The lakes finally seem to have new resident tigers which marks beginning of new era at Ranthambore. T91 and T83 are the new celebrity couple at the lakes, wishing them all the best.
  • T83 aka Lightining was succesfully rescused from a open well from a village closer to national park yesterday morning. She was subsequently released in forest. 15.11.16
  • More cubs at Ranthambore , after a long wait & a lost litter T39 is back with cubs this time three. The family was sighted few days back.
  • For last minute travellers to Ranthambore forest department has introduced premium tatkal safaris. Visitors who want confirm bookings for zones 1-5 can get the same by paying an additional fee of 10000/- INR per safari. This is over & above the normal safari costs. Please feel free to contact us for booking a premium tatkal safari.
  • In a surprise move T85 aka Pacman fought with & challenged his own father T28 aka star the current ruler of lakes. In next few days / weeks we would come to know the fate of this battle royale.
  • T72 aka Sultan,  a favourite tiger of Ranthambore Regulars is now happily settled in Kaila Devi Wildlife sanctuary of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve as per info received from forest department.
  • It baby boom time again at RTR. T 41 aka Laila has been sighted with her 2 cubs by tourists. We do expect some more tiger families in park by Feb- March.
  • As expected sightings started with a bang- some frequently seen tigers are T63, T83, T84, T85, T61 and her cubs, T60 and her cubs.
  • Ranthambore National Park is open for visitors effective 01.10.16. Check our blog post on new rules & updates for season across park.
  • Machli the legendary queen of Ranthmbore died today morning after brief illness. 18.08.16
  • Safaris in zone 6-10 of Ranthambore Tiger reserve would resume effective 1st August 2016.
  • Ranthambore tiger reserve is closed for visitors from 30.06.16 till 30.09.16 on account of annual rains. Unlike previous years zones 6-10 are also closed for visitors this time. 02.07.16
  • New cubs sighted at zone 5 yesterday morning, it is believed that this litter has been given birth by T73 a young tigress & grand daughter of Machli aka T16. 15.06.16
  • New i’d number issued for 16 young adult tigers at Ranthambore from T76 to T91. You can find the new list here. 02.06.16
  • Full day safaris are now operational at Ranthambore. For bookings & more information on full day/ half day safaris write to us. 12.05.16
  • Machli aka T16, the grand old queen of Ranthambore obliges visitors with her sighting on fort road post closure of regular safari timings. 13.04.16
  • T35, a 10 year old female tiger which had moved out of the park in 2009 & has been living in Sultanpur forests around Kota was found dead yesterday. While actual reason of death is still to be ascertained it is suspected that her kill was poisoned . 310.03.16
  • It is now confirmed that T60, the shy Guda female has 3 cubs instead of 2 as thought earlier.18.03.2016
  • T28 and T19 sighted mating once again on both 13 & 14th March 2016. Looks like T19 is now ready to raise her 3rd litter. 14.03.2016
  • Reports of new additions to Ranthambore family get confirmed as two female tigers from tourism zone- T60 & T39 have recently sighted with cubs. 11.03.16
  • Park safari timings have changed effective 1st Feb, morning safari now is from 6.30 AM -10.00 AM whereas evening safari is conducted between 2.30 PM till 6.00 PM
  • T30 aka Husnara, a 12 year old female tiger was found dead yesterday afternoon, reason of death natural causes.
  • As per new rules by forest department, cantors are permitted on zone 3 only on weekends, only jeeps to be allowed on weekdays.
  • Another new alliance being formed as T8 was recently sighted mating with T58 in zone 7.
  • T39 aka Noor is all set to deliver next litter soon, saw her on 05.12.15 morning & she looked pregnant.
  • T41 was sighted mating with T74 in semli, lambi ka nala area of park. 28.11.15
  • A man reportedly injured by tiger as he tried to save his goat from tiger near Kutalpura village yesterday. 05.11.15
  • Safari timing changed effective 1st November. Morning safari is from 7 AM-10.30 AM & evening safari is from 2.00 PM to 5.30 PM.
  • T60 female cub of T31 from Indaala area was sighted in Guda area of zone 2 yesterday morning by tigerwalah clients. This was the first photo documentation of her in this area, which later helped in identifying this individual as T60. 28.10.15
  • So here’s probably another first from the land which has taught us so much about tigers & their behaviour-Ranthambore. Today Morning T39 aka Noor & her 2 boys were sitting on safari track along with T57, the new male who had recently mated with her. Not sure if such a phenomenon has been witnessed before. Would be interesting to watch how this drama unfolds in days to come. And we thought we knew everything about tigers & their behaviour ðŸ™‚ 15.10.15
  • Reports of mating between Noor aka T39 & T57 the young male from Guda on 11th & 12th Oct 2015. Looks like female is trying to please this wandering male to ensure safety of her cubs. 13.10.15
  • Queen Mother of Ranthambore legendary Machli seems to be back on sighting charts. She was sighted both times yesterday on common road to zone 4 and 5. 10.10.15
  • Almost all the tigers of tourism zone have been sighted post week 1 at Ranthambore except T41,  T25, T42. There is a strong possibility of T63( female cub of T19 from first litter) having given birth to cubs though no direct evidence so far. 08.10.15
  • T57- young male from Guda area tried to advance towards zone 1 yesterday but the attempt was swiftly foiled by Noor aka T39. The young inexperienced male had no option but to run away. 07.10.15
  • T16 aka Machli marked her presence on day 1 of season opening as she was sighted in fort road post evening safari. 01.10.15
  • Ranthambore National Park would open for visitors from tomorrow morning. Morning safari time would be 6.30 AM to 10AM where as evening safari time would be from 2.30 PM t0 6 PM. 30.09.15
  • T61- the resident female of zone 8 has reportedly given birth to cubs. Tourist jeep & some forest guards do confirm sighting of cubs on 09.09.15 evening however no photographic evidence could be obtained yet. Forest department has installed camera trap in the area. 10.09.15
  • Sultan aka T72, another sub adult male tiger which was not sighted for last few months has finally be spotted at Kaila Devi Wildlife Sanctuary. Recent camera trap pictures have confirmed the identity as T72 thus laying at rest speculations about his well being. 01.09.15
  • Another male tiger from Ranthambore reaches Kaila Devi Wildlife Sanctuary. T76 a two year old sub adult cub of T13 has been sighted at Kaila Devi. 20.08.15
  • Today is the last day of season at Ranthambore, park would be closed for next 3 months from tomorrow, to reopen on October 1st. Zones 6-10 likely to remain open during this period. 30.06.15
  • T64, male cub of t19 from previous litter was sighted around lakes yesterday. He was assumed missing for a long time but reappeared in March this year on zone V. 08.06.15
  • T24 aka Ustaad finally moved to Sajjangarh Biological Park at Udaipur today. 16.05.15
  • Noor aka T39 is back on zone II after a very long gap today morning. Last reported sighting of cubs on zone II was in December 2014. Sightings of this other family are bound to increase for rest of season in case they start visiting zone II frequently. 16.05.15
  • Evening safari time would change effective 16.05.15 evening, no change in morning safari schedule. Evening safari would now be conducted from 3.30 PM to 7.00 PM. 15.05.15
  • A high powered committee of experts to decide fate of T24 post a detailed investigation. This means that he is not moving out of Ranthambore soon. 14.04.15
  • Two villagers were attacked by a tigress in Kahndaar Range of Ranthambore. It seems they had ventured in forest despite warnings of presence of big cat in area. It is speculated that tigress T30 is involved in this incident, clear identity has not been established though. 14.05.15
  • While speculation continues over fate of T24 post the unfortunate incident, he seems to be showing normal behaviour. He was sighted sharing meal with Noor & her cubs on 10th evening & again on zone II this morning. Wondering was this unfortunate incident just another bad conincidence or something else? 12.05.15
  • Something to cheer from RTR. Queen Mother & legendary tigress Machli aka T16 was sighted in tourism area yesterday morning & evening. This was her first sighting of summer & second sighting of entire season to tourists. 12.05.15
  • Sad news from Ranthambore- A forest guard was attacked & killed by a tiger today evening at Ranthambore. More details on incident awaited. 08.05.15
  • Other prominent family of Ranthambore T39 and her cubs are back in action after playing hide and seek for last few months. For last week or so they are being sighted regularly on zone 1 and nearby areas. 05.05.15
  • Mystery male of Ranthambore is back in news again, T47 aka Mohan who spends most of his time in Kaila Devi Area of park was reported mating with T9- resident tigress of Darra area. 03.05.15
  • T25 aka Dollar male sighted mating with T41 aka Laila in Berda region yesterday, while initially confused as T6 photos confirmed his identity as T25. Wondering what is T6 upto as his territory constantly invaded by other male tigers like T74, T75 & T25. 13.04.15
  • Ranthambore  safari timings would change effective 1st April 2015. Morning safari would be now from 6.00 AM to 9.30 AM & evening safari timings are from 3.00 PM to 6.30 PM.
  • Heavy thunderstorm at Ranthambore which lasted for more than 12 hours results in closure of park . Morning & evening safari suspended on 15.03.15
  • Park safari fee and vehicle entry fee increased for Indians as well as foreigners at Ranthambore effective 20th March 2015. Same would be applicable on previously done as well as new bookings. More about increased price in my blog post.
  • One of the cub of T8, resident tigress of zone 6&8 found dead this morning in zone 6, more details awaited. 08.03.15
  • After a hiatus and bouts of brief sightings, other family of Ranthambore seems to be back in action. frequent sightings for last 2 days in zone 2 & 1. 11.02.15
  • Reported mating between T6 & T41 today. While it was earlier assumed that she has probably given birth to cubs, i had raised my doubts in  recent blogpost which stands vindicated. 11.02.15
  • Safari timings have changed effective today. Morning safari is now from 6.30 AM to 10 AM & evening safari timings are 2.30 PM to 6.00 PM. 01.02.15
  • While T24 seems to be recovering from his illness, rain plays a spoil sport for long weekend visitors. Heavy rain on 22.01.15 has resulted in closing of zones 1 &2 for cantors, though they remain open for jeeps. 23.01.15
  • Concerns over health of T24 aka Ustad as he suffers from severe constipation.He has been suffering from this for a while but situation looks bad at this time. While forest department & vet have tried all possible cures, his condition remains worrying. 19.01.15
  • Dense fog plays spoil sport in early morning safaris for past one week now. Thankfully afternoons are bright and sunny thereby increasing sighting probabilities in afternoon. 08.01.15
  • Young boys T74 & T75 continue exploring areas outside their territory despite being punished for their act probably by T6 which resulted in leg injury to one of the boys. However they seem to be in love with Bakola & are not ready to give it so easily. 01.01.15
  • Yesterday was one of the coldest days in RTR with fog and light drizzle…looks like winters have finally arrived. 15.12.14
  • Roaster system of vehicles introduced on zone 9 & 10 as well. Earlier tourists could take a driver of their choice to these two roaster free zones but now forest department has introduced roaster on these zones as well.
  • Park safari timings have changed effective today. Morning safari will be conducted from 7.00 AM to 10.30 AM & afternoon safari timings are 2.00 Pm to 5.30 PM. 01.11.14
  • Looks like Dollar T25 is desperate to change his relationship status from single. He was sighted mating with Romeo’s partner T41 today evening, looks like Romeo has lost his companion.29.10.14
  • By now all the tigers of tourism zone have been sighted except T65- sub adult male cub of T19 from previous litter & T22. 29.10.14
  • Finally she gets the sighting log ticking for this season. #Machli the legendary tigress obliges visitors on second consecutive day. 12.10.14
  • Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve open for visitors from today. On day 1 five tigers oblige visitors with sightings. 01.10.14
  • Online booking for next season for Ranthambore has started effective 8th September 2014.
  • Queen Machli celebrates her 17th birthday by checking-in at a luxury hotel closer to park boundary. The 17 year old grand matriarch was found resting in premises of a luxury hotel Khem Vilas on 26th August.
  • After a spectacular show on last day, zone 1-5 of RNP closed for next 3 months. Zone 6-10 would however remain open during monsoon. Park would reopen for tourists w.e. from 1st October 2014.
  • T25 mating with T41 right in heart of Romeo’s territory. Not sure if T41 is looking for some fun or a move to protect the cub 18.06.14
  • Zone 3 finally opened for tourists this morning. Tourists who had pre booked this route using the new online booking system are only allowed currently. 07.06.14
  • More addition to the tribe at RTR: T39 sighted with two cubs today morning by tourists. 28.05.14
  • The annual water hole census conducted in Ranthambore & Sariska on full moon night of Budh Purnima stands CANCELLED for 2014. It was scheduled for 15th May 2014 where in hundreds of volunteers sit on machans made over 300 plus water points & do a manual count of animals visiting water hole during 24 hours. Over last few years there was a growing demand to stop this free picnic for most & hence this step. 30.04.14
  • Zone 3 of tourism area where T19 has kept her cubs has been closed for tourists, film makers & Govt. vehicles by park administration effective 23.04.14 morning. This has been done to provide stress free environment to the new mother. 23.04.14
  • Another favourite tigress of tourism zone T39 has also delivered. She was sighted on zone 2 on 23rd April evening.
  • Post sighting of 4 cubs of T19, only 3 are being sighted since 19.04.14, looks like only 3  have survived.
  • News from RTR: T 19 has 3 new cubs. Seen today by some guests in evening safari….details to follow 23.03.14
  • Online booking for Ranthambore from 1st April   to reopen on 19th March 2014.The same would be open for next 90 days.  facility available on existing platform as of now.
  • Some more addition to Ranthambore tribe expected soon, while T19 is rumoured to have delivered a litter already, T39 is expected to deliver soon. With both these tigress from tourism zone delivering, summers in Ranthambore look promising.
  • So finally she has been found as well, Machli seems to be doing fine & has been sighted today evening 04.02.14
  • Sultan found making his new Sultanat: For last few days, Sultan aka T72 one of the most popular tigers of tourism zone is Ranthambore was not sighted. Alert forest department officials were on a look out for him & yesterday ACF Sanjeev Sharma received news about presence of a tiger in Ama Ghati area of reserve. As the team reached the spot, fresh pugmarks of a male tiger were sighted confirming the news. Camera traps were deployed to confirm the identity of this individual & today morning camera trap images confirmed the identity as T72 aka Sultan. 03.02.14
  • Forest department has launched an extensive extensive search program today to search Machli. Forest officials from all ranges of Ranthambore have been deployed to search for her. 02.02.14
  • Looks like Sultan is now looking out for space of his own, This sub adult lad has not been sighted for a fortnight now. Given the fact that he father is still too strong to defend his territory & mother might be looking to raise another litter, he has no option to move out. Hoping he remains safe.30.01.14
  • Looks Like queen mother Machli has not be sighted for last few days. Her last reported sighting was on 9th January 2014. Forest teams are searching for her in Pili Ghati area of zone 5. Extreme pressure of male tigers in her territory forced her to leave her favourite spot at Baba ki Gufa & since then her sightings have been very less. #Machli #machlitigress. 24.01.14
  • One more zone opened for tourists at Ranthambore. Zone 10- a 20 km stretch in Aantri area of Sawai man Singh Sanctuary would be opened for tourists from 18th January 2014. Thankfully you can take a vehicle of your choice in this zone…department’s way of promoting tourism. #Ranthambore #wildlifetourism #newzoneinranthambore
  • T42, the resident male of Qual ji has found another companion in form of female cub of T31 who has recently moved in. Mating reported on morning of 06.01.14
  • Online booking portal for Ranthambore not accepting bookings post 1st April2014. The contract of current vendor has expired & new vendor, a state government enterprise would take over in next few days.Hoping at least few things would change#ranthambore #onlinebookings.
  • Signing off for 2013 with another excellent news from RTR: T13 tigress has littered four fourth time. She has been sighted with 3 new cubs recently in camera trap images. Her previous litters include T38 & T39 in 2008, T49 & T5- in 2010 & T66 in 2012. #ranthambore #tigercubs 31.12.13
  • T8 the resident tigress of zone 6,7 & 8 finally sighted with one cub. This is the first sighting of cub from her second litter. Pug mark sightings of this cub were reported in Oct first week though. 25.11.13

Putting an end to rumours of her delivering a litter already, T19 was sighted mating with her old mate T28 this morning. The lakes might need to wait some more it seems… #Ranthambore 27.10.13

  • Machli the queen of Ranthambore is in no mood to give up so easily, as per forest department sources she fought with her & current queen T19 today afternoon over sharing a kill & was successful in driving her away. 21.10.13
  • After a lull of 3 days post unexpected showers, Ranthambore sightings are back with bang, three male tigers sighted this morning T28, sub adult male cub of T19 & T24. Despite the fact that all zones except zone 3 are closed for tourists on account of bad roads, nothing comes between striped cats & their favorite tourists. 07.10.13
  • Good news -pug marks of new born cubs seen at Neem Chowki in RTR. T-8 has delivered again… Camera traps being put by forest department. 04.10.13
  • Online Booking for Ranthambore & Sariska now open, bookings are open for a window of 90 days starting 1st Oct 2013.
  • Department of posts to release a commemorative postal cover to celebrate the life of #QueenMachli, the celebrity tigress from Ranthambore. The same would be released in a function at Jaipur on 18.10.2013. #longlivethequeen #machli.
  • The male tiger who had moved to Bundi forest division from Ranthambore has been identified as male cub of T8, camera trap pictures on 05.09.13 confirm the identity.
  • A male tiger from Ranthambore marks his presence in Bundi forest division, identity not sure yet could be T42 or T43 whose current territories are not very far, sub adult male cub of T8 who is looking for his own land or an old tiger being pushed, However this is not the first time a tiger has ventured here.24.08.13
  • Two more #tigress sighted with cubs in Ranthambore. T26 and one cub captured on camera trap while pugmark of cub have been found alongside T11. 31.07.11
  • Did a brief visit to ‪#‎tiger paradise recently. The forest looks beautiful, all the lakes are almost full and still two months of monsoon to go. As far as tiger sighting are concerned some are being sighted occasionally… Hopefully all is well.
  • So lot happening in #Ranthambore, yesterday striking forest workers tried to disrupt the safari by closing main entry gate & vehicles were sent through Kundaal gate. This weekend park witnesses maddening tourist rush, something unheard of in June at least.Guess the trend is going to be same next weekend as well owing to park closing on 30th June. Book your safari in advance if you don’t want any last minute surprises..22.06.13
  • Live update from #Ranthambore: T19, T6, two cubs of T19 and sultan sighted today. Managed to miss all of them .After four showers, park has turned lush green from carpet to canopy…giving a monsoon forest feeling already….mesmerizing it is. 16.06.13
  • Ranthambore witnesses first good spell of rain, brings new life to the park. Sightings may get impacted if rain continues. Most probably these are pre monsoon showers as monsoon hits state towards end of June.
  • Search for missing T17 continues on day 3, all three cubs have been sighted but no signs of mother…entire forest machinery out to track her.26.04.13
  • Drama at the lakes intensifies further. After giving could shoulder to old companion T28 for last few days, T19 was seen mating with his arch rival T25 today evening, while a mating was on the cards, T25 comes as a surprise entry in this scene. After intruding into T28’s territory last monsoon, he has stolen his girl also. Will T28 respond to this at all or he has already given up his claim on both ‘land’ & ‘lady’….stay tuned for more updates…..11.04.2013
  • Ranthambore National Park would remain closed for tourists on 25th May-full day & 26th may- morning safari on account of water hole census. Do plan your trip accordingly.
  • T37 the beautiful tigress from Qualji area was found dead today….RIP T37, your untimely demise also brings end to GUDA clan at Ranthambore. Details of death awaited
  • After a brief visit to her cubs in Lahpur valley, T19 is back at lakes. She is enjoying this ‘most expensive wild real estate’ & is in no mood to give it up so easily. With almost fully grown up cub who are now almost settled, is she eyeing to start a new family at lakes soon along with her old mate & king of lakes T28 ???Stay tuned for more updates on this family saga as it unfolds…01.03.13
  • T19 n cubs continue to enjoy their Rajbagh n lakes package. Sighted at fort road today, lakes ready for some real action in future, circle of life comes arnd at #Ranthambore 19.02.13
  • Post mother Machli’s visit, it is ‘timid’ T19 and her gang of three at the lakes…this is the first time these cubs have come to their maternal home. Not sure how would aunt T17 react to this one??? Lakes do promise action in days ahead. 18.02.13
  • Park Safari timings changed effective 1st Feb. Morning safari 6.30 AM to 10 AM & evening safari 2.30 PM to 6PM.
  • B2 the other sub adult female cub joins her sister at their new home today 23.01.13
  • Sub adult female cub of T5- B1 was shifted to Sariska today, her sister would be shifted tomorrow. 22.01.13
  • The dynasty is in no mood to give up their claim on lake areas-the most expensive piece of wild real estate. As Machli left the lake area, her other daughter T19 made a quick visit to take care of property. Can’t help but recall Nalla Muthu predicting them coming back to lakes.08.01.13
  • T17 was treated by a doctor for her injuries today morning, route no V closed for visitors. 06.01.13
  • Machli, forever queen of Ranthambore surprises people once again with sudden appearance at Lake area this morning. This is probably the first time she has come to lakes after three years. Interesting to note the timing of her visit, her daughter & current queen T17 is busy nursing her injuries far away from lake area. Machli is one fighter you just cannot write off…salute her spirit.05.01.13
  • Looks like T17 has still not recovered from injury received during her fight with T28 over kill. She has been limping badly, unable to keep the paw on ground even.Thankfully cubs are safe and sound & the forest department is baiting the family. Hoping she recovers soon.04.01.13
  • Ending concerns of her well being, T17 appeared at Kachida area of Ranthambore along with her all three cubs. It is a sort of relief to see the entire family. 02.01.13
  • Sundari aka T17 got into fight with star male over a kill in mandook plateau on 23.12.12.Next day morning both the tigers were seen limping, even injury of T17 looked bad. Concerned forest department decided to bait her & accordingly she was baited on 28.12.12.
  • A tiger, probably old has been found dead near Khandaar Fort area of Ranthambore National Park. Body is highly decomposed & therefore it is difficult to identify the gender & individual. 23.12.12
  • Dear friend T24 was missing from action for last few days & 3 leopards decided to take liberty by partying early morning around atal sagar lake today. The boss landed up, chased them away even forced one to climb a tree and restore order. He surely knows how to command respect whether humans or animals. 05.12.12
  • Zone6 Kundaal area also open for tourists.
  • Sultan has now graduated from a shy boy to a matured lad. Beginning of season he used to run away from vehicles & would only return back once comforted by mother T39. Now not only he is confident in presence of vehicles but obliges shutterbugs with poses,the pedigree(T24 & T39) surely is showing up. Ranthambore’s new ‘Sultan’ is getting there. 29.11.12
  • T17 has really mastered in hide & seek game, has taken her cubs away from lime light again to a secret hide out in valleys of Ranthambore. Is it a well calculated move to keep the cubs away from both T28 & T25 or she is still on territory expanding spree???Only T17 can tell, she surely is up to something…stay tuned for more updates as I follow her journey.
  • Zone 1 now open for tourists, however Kundaal (zone6) still remains closed. Both areas were closed post unfortunate incident of killing of forester Gheesu Singh by T24.
  • Time for Bina 1 & Bina 2, orphan cubs of T5 who were raised jointly by forest department & T25(father) to leave their current home & start a new life at Sariska Tiger Reserve. While the move should help in increasing tiger numbers at Sariska, would further effect the already skewed male female ratio at Ranthambore.08.11.12
  • Change in safari timings effective 1st Nov 2012. Morning safari-7.00-10.30 AM & Evening safari 2.00-5.30 PM. Ensure that you carry the same original id proof with you which was used at the time of booking.
  • Strike at Ranthambore. Strike has been called to protest against various issues including new tourism related guidelines issued by forest department.28.10.12
  • Park management has closed zone no 1 & 6 for visitors till further notice after yesterday’s unfortunate incident. However the tiger in question has been sighted close to park boundaries today, he surely is giving park managers a tough time.26.10.12
  • If you are planning to visit Ranthambore, please do ensure to carry sufficient woolen gear, gets cold early morning & late evenings.
  • All gypsies booked till January within 24 hours of opening of online system. Is it the result of enthusiasm post ban lift or otherwise?? 20.10.12
  • Unusual sighting of t25 aka dollar male in Rajbagh area today. was his presence a co-incidence or an open challenge to T28. 18.10.12
  • Online safari booking system for Ranthambore opens tomorrow at 11 AM. Bookings open for next 90 days only. link for online booking
  • In view of Supreme court lifting ban on tiger tourism, Safari resumes at Ranthambore from 17.10.12 morning. Online booking facility would be available from 18.10.12 morning.
  • Ranthambore park administration has initiated activities for upcoming tourist season, damaged roads are getting repaired,paint work being initiated, new engraved signage getting installed at Singhdwar post. Like us they are also expecting the park to open soon.
  • T39 & T24 made an appearance on fort road yesterday morning, not sure if they had ventured out to check the reason for absence of tourists even on 1st Oct.01.10.12
  • In effort to boost morale of front line staff at Ranthambore, forest department has awarded a cash prize of INR 10,000/- each to five forest guards. These guards had shown exemplary courage in tackling poachers at Saonta village & Indaala. This surely should encourage staff…kudos-28.09.12
  • Ranthambore forest guards caught a notorious poacher from Saonta village of Khandaar Range. The guy was caught with gun & meat of poached blue bull. When the guards went to location again, villagers Gheraod them & have kept them as captive in the village. They are demanding release of poacher & withdrawal of case against him. The deadlock continues for 12 hours now with no breakthrough despite efforts from senior forest officials, police department & administration. Would surely dampen the spirits of ever pressurized front line field staff. Hoping an early & safe release of forest guards….22.09.12
  • Tourism zone tigers seem to be doing fine. Most of the tigers T24, T39, T16, T19 and cubs, T28 sighted in last few days. T17 continues to be a puzzle for department-she has been sighted on regular basis but has been successful in keeping her cubs away from public glare. She did make a brief public appearance on fort road along with her two cubs recently but quickly returned to the safety of forests.
  • Conservator Of Forests & Field Director Rajesh Gupta transferred -29.08.12. An ardent tiger lover, Mr. Gupta would be remembered for being a man of field.
  • Courtesy heavy rains in last fortnight, all the major water bodies at Ranthambore are now full.
  • As villagers moved out of Mor Dungri village of Ranthambore, tigers have moved in. On 21.08.12 T22 & T23 were sighted mating near Mor Dungri village. T22 is incidentally mother of T23 & T24.
  • Naturalists, Guides, Drivers & other people affected by ban on tourism, have started an indefinite dharna opposing the ban at Ranthambore.
  • Post supreme courts interim order banning tiger tourism in core areas of tiger reserve, safari stopped in Ranthambore starting tomorrow. This affects kundaal, balas & qual ji area of park. 24.07.12
  • At 9:30 am this morning in the Mai Kala Village on the Khandar side of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, a tiger attacked a 45-year-old villager called Baddri Choudary. He is seriously wounded and is being treated in a hospital. The park authorities, led by Y.K. Sahu the Divisional Forest Officer in charge of the park rushed to the spot to discover villagers pelting stones at the tiger. In the melee, when the tiger roared loudly, the whole crowd ran back in sheer panic and one person fell down. The tiger pounced on this unfortunate man who had come to “watch” what was going on. Tiger has been successfuly tranquilized by forest department 17.07.12
  • Some disturbing news from Ranthambore: On Monday night 10-12 armed people entered Indala Range of Ranthambore & poached a sambhar deer. The guard on duty to fill waterholes saw them & was badly beaten by poachers, he is currently in hospital. While two of his colleagues tried to save him, they were held hostage on gun point. Though forest department has intensified patrol after this incident, this kind of event barely few days after the park closing raises concerns on safety of park in the coming monsoon months….03.07.12
  • Zone 1-5 of Ranthambore closed for visitors for three months. Zone 6,7, 8 and Qualji still open. Tiger sighted in first safari of off season at Kundal and Qualji this morning.
  • The wait finally got over as T17 the current queen of Ranthambore bought her 3 cubs in front of public for the first time. They were sighted in Rajbagh area of park today morning. The birth of cubs is probably the result of her mating with T28 in January this year. 29.06.12
  • While people are busy speculating her survival in coming monsoon, the grand dame & forever queen of Ranthambore- Machli II aka T16 makes a surprise appearance at Malik Talab today. She has ventured out of her ever shrinking Lakkad da territory after a really long time, probably first visit to Malik Talab after she was ousted from lake areas by her own daughter T17…. Long live the Queen…you still have a long way to go…01.06.12
  • One cub of T39 sighted in Sultanpur area of park on 21.05.12. While it is believed that she had given birth to two cubs, status of other cub is not yet certain.
  • Looks like another tigress has delivered cubs at Ranthambore in last 2-3 days. This has been long awaited news & I have been tracking her since her last mating, the signs are encouraging so far, waiting for final confirmation. Watch out this space for more details. 05.12.012
  • Water hole census conducted in Ranthambore on 6th & 7th May. More than 600 volunteers participated in this activity across 300 waterholes. 27 tigers sighted during this period including cubs of T9, cubs of T26, T43. 08.05.12
  • Two more cubs added to Ranthambore family, T9 sighted with two cubs, approximately 2 months old. Kudos to DFO Mr. Sahu, he has stopped all construction work in that area so that Tigress & cubs are not disturbed 16.04.12
  • Plan to relocate another Ranthambore tiger, this time T35. Not sure if this would help sariska in any way, given the amount of human activity in Sariska landscape. T35 is currently roaming in Sultanpur area of Kota & has been out of park for almost 2 years.
  • Body of a man found in critical tiger habitat, 1 km from jhumar bawri. Not sure if killed by tiger or leopard. Cannot blame a carnivore for killing if people venture in their habitat but these things surely increase the risk of human animal conflict at Ranthambore. 09.03.12
  • A woman named Mor Pali from Bassaoo village on fringe of Ranthambore was killed by a tiger yesterday. She had ventured into the forest for collection of wood & was attacked by a tiger. It seems that tiger has only eaten only few parts. It is territory of T9 & T11 who has cubs. The son of this lady is a tourist guide at Ranthambore & i happen to know him personally. My condolences to the family for this loss 17.02.12
  • New tiger in Ranthambore sighted previously: The male tiger, approximately four years old is not a new male as assumed earlier. Photos of tiger clicked at Ranthambore in 2009 by wildlife expert Dhirendra Godha matches with this new tiger, it seems that this tiger(then sub adult) was missed out in Tiger identification done at Ranthambore when all tigers were alloted serial numbers T1-T44….would be interesting to watch if this male makes territory in area already dominated by T6 – 11.02.12
  • Unidentified male tiger sighted in Bakola area of park, authorities not sure about this male as stripes do not match with existing data base-09.02.12.
  • If yesterday’s observation of tiger behavior was not enough to challenge so called theories, here’s another one: T25 a dominant male was seen together with one of the female cub of T5(dead). He in all probability has fathered the cubs & has been taking care of cubs post death of T5 in Feb2011. While this fact has been known to forest officials & naturalists…they have been spotted together by tourist vehicle for first time. N we always thought about Tiger especially male being solitary……20.01.12
  • Mating reported between T22 & T23 at Ranthambore National Park since yesterday. Both the tigers are residents of Gandra Deh- Lahpur tiraha area of park on zone II & not sighted very regularly. Interesting fact is that as per records, T22 happens to be mother of T23 & T24. It surely is a rare record of mating between mother & son, confirmed the same with senior forest officials & they do not recollect any such previous instance at Ranthambore….while we all think we know about these striped cats…their world is as mysterious as big cat itself-19.01.12
  • Post recent rains, Ranthambore is covered by heavy fog in mornings. As a result visibility and tiger sightings are affected for last 3-4 days-07.01.12
  • Zone 5 Kachida area of park, finally open for tourists, though only cantors are allowed on zone 5 currently.
  • Royalties, celebrities & cricketers throng Ranthambore, first it was Queen Mother of Bhutan, then film actress Sangeeta Bijlani along with cricketer Murli Karthik to name a few. Easy access to Air & Rail transport makes Ranthambore a favorite ‘Big Cat sighting’ destination in India.
  • T17 in action post removal of collar, First she mated with T25 for 3 days & then finally dumped her today evening to be with old flame T28. She seems to be enjoying her freedom completely..hoping she produces a litter soon.
  • Approval to open tourist zone 5 received in principal. Official orders are likely to be issued in coming week. This route was closed early this year post death of T5 tigress as forest department was worried about protection of her two cubs who were almost 3-4 months then.
  • Relocation of Padra village, one of the few villages left inside the park begins. On Saturday entire state machinery including Chief Secretary of Raj, WLH, CWLW, CF & DFO Ranthambore, District Collector & SP along with local representatives visited the village & distributed compensation cheques. This area can become a good tiger habitat & can accommodate 3-4 tigers in future. 26.11.11
  • T17 seems to be doing fine post collar removal, she has been sighted twice & looks perfectly fine. 25.11.11
  • The current queen finally gets rid of excess baggage, radio collar removed today morning in bhoot khurra area of park- 24.11.11
  • Efforts to remove collar of T17 continue, she was able to give forest department a slip today. hopefully she would get rid of her ‘patta’ tomorrow. 23.11.11
  • As October comes to an end & vegetation starts drying up,tiger sightings are likely to increase. T16, T17, T24, T39, T25, T28,T34, T41,T6 & T19with cubs sighted so far in tourism zone.
  • Park is now open for visitors till 30th June2011. Heavy controversy on alleged fake online bookings for gypsy as no vehicles available till 23April2011.
  • Tourism booking office has been shifted to a new premises.
  • Ranthambore to open for visitors from 1st Oct, online bookings for Safari till 30th June 2011 now open. You can book your tickets through online booking. Need to key in Name, father’s name, id document details to book online.
  • Fresh rumours on fate of second cub of T13, the cub has not been sighted for a while. Intensive search operation continues to locate the cub along with strong crack down on Moghiya’s ( local hunters) for last two three days. While the ranger of concerned area claims sighting of pugmarks, no camera picture yet.
  • Camera trap locates T13- sultanpur female, T43- Jailkho male cub & T34 in Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary as the hunt is on for other four missing tigers T21-Chiroli male, T27-Gilali Sagar female, T29- male from Berda area & T40- Berda cub male( brother of T41).
  • Park closes for three months from today, to reopen on 01.10.11.
  • Safari disrupted as heavy rains continue at Ranthambore
  • Ranthambore witnesses heavy rains, vehicles stuck for more than 2 hours on their way back, heavy water logging on fort road… As per sources one vehicle still stuck at lakkadda on zone IV-24.06.11
  • our beloved Machli still does’t give up so easily: today evening she had an encounter with T6 as she was trying to protect her food from this hungry male. It was a surely a sight for spectators as she put up a brave front despite her age, though lost her hard earned food to this selfish male who had no respect for this senior citizen….bravo Machli mein hai dum……
  • T19 along with cubs sighted near Mandook on 10.06.11 evening- first time cubs are sighted outside Nalghati.
  • Another good news from Ranthambore, 3 cubs of T19 finally sighted today at Nalghati around 7 A.M. While all were aware of birth of cubs, this is for the first time cubs have been sighted- 07.06.11
  • Cubs of T5, finally sighted on 26.05.11 evening after a gap of 8 days. I am sure forest department would be very relieved by this news, they had left no stone unturned to find them.
  • T28 was attacked by a crocodile in Rajbagh lake on 21.05.11 evening, while T28 managed to escape he was seen limping on 22.05.11 morning, could be effect of some injury received during this encounter.
  • Fateh Singh Rathore conservation award ceremony held at Taj Ranthambore on 21.05.11. Awards given to Mr. Arun Sharma ( Ranger), Shankar Singh( Driver Flying), Tulsi Ram Meena( Forester) & Cheetar Gujjar for their contribution in wild life conservation.The winners were given a citation, cash award of 10,000 & wrist watch.
  • Father of Ranthambore T2, also known as Chiroli Male passed away on 20.05.11 due to old age. He was 10 plus years.
  • Camera trap photos of T25 along with cubs finally published,confirming my update on 15.05.11. superb stuff…
  • Despite orders from NTCA, park administration commissioned construction of canal in tiger habitat, construction work finally stopped post complain by Tiger Watch. Read tiger in news page of complete news… 15.05.11
  • Pugmarks of Kachida cubs sighted till Tamba Khan this morning. Pugmarks of a male tiger also found with these pugmarks. Male tiger supposedly T25, who is also said to be father of these cubs, rare but not unusual behavior of male tigers who are otherwise thought to be solitary. 15.05.11
  • Cubs of T5, sighted on Sunday for the first time after the death of their mother. Priyanka Gandhi was among the first few to see these cubs- 09.05.2011
  • Reports of mating between T25 & T17 near Bhut Khurra since yesterday evening, hope this time T17 gets lucky-08.05.2011
  • Mating reports received from Semli area as well -07.05.2011
  • Change of Guard at Ranthambore as Mr. Y.K Sahu appointed as new DFO. He was earlier ACF at Ranthambore & was presently posted at Sariska as DFO. Mr. Rajesh Gupta appointed as new CF.
  • Report of interesting encounter between T17 & her sister T19 at Nalghati, after brief exchange of pleasantries both went on their own ways-26.04.11
  • After a full day effort by Forest department, fire was finally put down- 26.04.11
  • Fire continues in Kachida Area of zone V, near Bhairon ji temple for III consecutive days, while senior officers are busy hosting guests, guards and guides trying their bit to control fire. Dry bushes & trees making matters worse-25.04.11
  • famous cricketer Rahul Dravid with some colleagues reached Ranthambore today & were lucky to see T17 & T19 in their first safari- 25.04.11
  • Some more good news from Ranthambore-two cubs of T8 sighted at Chidikho area(zone VII) today morning,zone closed for tourists post morning safari-23.04.11
  • Park will remain closed for visitors on 17.05.11( full day) & 18.05.11(morning safari) on account of tiger census.
  • Park morning safari timings changed for the period 07.05.11 to 16.05.11, safari to start at 7.30 A.M
  • T17 like her mother reportedly tried to snatch a cheetal killed by croc, lost the battle finally though… reminds so much of her mother Machli…22.04.11
  • T-17 chased a leopard at Jhalra today, fearing for life leopard tried to climb the tree & queen did try to climb the tree—19.04.11.
  • Received a latest pic of T19 from a friend yesterday, 99% sure of two more cubs in Ranthambore, sign of tigress feeding cubs very much visible in the pic… something to cheer about.
  • Diesel Cantors started again in Ranthambore-18.04.11
  • Cubs of T-5 seem to be doing fine under the care of forest department. Camera traps capturing them on regular basis, they seem to be doing great.
  • T19- Nal Ghati Tigress is said to have given birth to cubs, though it is not confirmed officially yet. No has seen the cubs, but her condition of feeding nipples suggests presence of cubs.
  • It’s official now, T6 & T41 are a couple, mating reports received in last few days, hope this is a success.
  • On 12.04.11, a petrol cantor no 0418, tumbled near Berda on zone IV injuring passengers & tourist guide on board.Questions have been raised about capability of petrol cantors every now & then, stories of guests being offloaded in the hear of jungle to negotiate steep climbs is common.
  • As a protest to this incident, tourist guides refused to board petrol cantors during morning safari on 13.04.11. Fearing action from forest department, 4 guides did board petrol cantors while others decided to stay away.
  • Naturalists continue their boycott of petrol cantors at Ranthambore..if you are booked in a cantor, be ready to visit the park without a guide.

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