Mark Hart

We visited Ranthambore for 3 days with the sole purpose of photographing the tigers. The trip was arranged by who also own the Machili Wilderness Resort. They understood our requirements and put together the most amazing, once in a lifetime trip.

The driver Das picked us up from the hotel in New Delhi and was with us throughout the trip dropping us back 4 days later via a trip to the Taj Mahal. He made us feel comfortable and safe and was always there for the evening shopping runs etc.

On arriving at Machili Wilderness Resort, after a quick friendly checkin we were soon asleep. We were woken up at 4:50AM and by 5:30 AM we were bundled into the open Gypsy SUV with blankets to keep us warm. Anurag, the owner, was our guide and spotter for the day, with Nadim the driver. It was a full day safari, and we were at the entrance early and first in the park. A few minutes drive into the park, they spotted tiger pug marks and they tracked down Arrowhead and her mate T91. We had some amazing pictures on the edge of the lake and seeing the majestic tigers just a few feet made a chill go down my spine. I was a bit afraid but exhilarated beyond belief. The day continued and we spotted another 5 different tigers. Anurag also gave my daughter excellent hints on photography. We had a picnic breakfast and lunch in the SUV.

We were in the park till 6:30 PM and got back tired but happy, to an excellent shower, followed by a delicious dinner, served by some very polite staff.

The next couple of days were similar to the first, with Arvind replacing Anurag. Arvind is an excellent spotter and worked with Nadim to give us a time of our lives. We spent many hours with tigers just by ourselves, which is such an amazing feeling.

If you are planning a tiger safari, then Anurag is your man.


Vishwas Moktali

Memorable experience in Ranthambore – Thanks to Tigerwalah

We have been to Ranthambore twice in the short period of last one month! A strong desire to see tigers in the wild drove us towards Ranthambore. Unfortunately, my initial research, frankly, painted a very dismal picture of probabilities of seeing the majestic animal in the wild. The ‘random’ zone allotment system, probability of having to share the safari ride with casual visitors who are unlikely to follow basic jungle protocols like silence and the short 2-3 hour windows of the safari timings seemed to be obstacles to a decent sighting. While brooding about the destination and in a state of ‘to go or not to go is the question…’ I happened to come across a mention of ‘Tigerwalah’ in one of the blogs. A brief conversation with Anurag and one look at the website, convinced me that these guys appeared to be serious tiger buffs. The seriousness with which they make it a business to acquaint their guests with tigers (and other flora/fauna) can not be matched by the casual ‘ oh sure – take a safari and see a tiger’ brand operators who end up getting unsuspecting tourists to fork out sseizable amounts of money for perhaps a disappointing experience.
Loads of jungle experience, boundless enthusiasm for seeing and tracking a tiger is what the Tigerwalah bring to the table. This, in my opinion, really maximizes the chances of an encounter with King of Ranthambore jungles, the tiger.

Anurag also run a boutique camp which is often a ‘home away from home’ for them as well as for friends and guests. Named after one of the most photographed tigers in the world, ‘Machli’, the resort is comfortable, homely and full of hospitality. Absence of TVs in the room is actually a welcome feature which puts one in a tranquil mood that goes with the concept of a jungle safari vacation. The team at Machli wilderness camp is small but well drilled in making guests feel at home. Dineshji, Goverdhan Singh ji and others are ever present to support without being intrusive. The time spent at the resort during the hours when we were not on the safari was an experience with very tasty, organic and home style food, lots of rest and wonderful anticipation of more beautiful animal encounters.

We had a wonderful time and would love to go back again. If tiger sightings in winter were so wonderful, I am waiting with baited breath to go back in summer again when tigers are more likely to be encountered near water bodies.


Nishaad Anantani

have been doing wildlife tourism for quite a many years now and have been to many national parks in the country and abroad.  Generally I do the planning on my own and with a few hiccups, generally the trip goes well.
However, April 2014,  enter Tigerwalah – We wanted to go to Tadoba / Bandhavgarh.  Tigerwalah suggested Tadoba, which suited my travel distance, budget and was a new location.  We also had a few 1st timers.  But all my fears were put aside when I was greeted by an AC taxi at Chandrapur station. The trip was planned seamlessly from pickup to drop and we were charged exactly the amount that was discussed. The stay location was chosen that was closest to the gates of the sanctuary, reducing travel time, excellent food and nice rooms. Not a single moment of discomfort was felt!

What is unique about Tigerwalah is the first-hand knowledge that is possessed by him of the sanctuary and also the game drives.  Which route is good, which driver is good and which guide is patient!!  Since Tadoba is a land of limited coverage, I got daily messages from Tigerwalah know our updates, issues if any and tiger sightings if any.

This is one of the best tiger tourism trips if have had… for the 1st Timers that were with me….they are hooked!

Next trip is Bandhavgarh….with Tigerwalah



Syed Mohammad Qasim

"The best thing about Tigerwalah is that they are reliable even though they work in a very tough environment .I work in corporate sector and due to paucity of time ,I generally plan my Ranthambhore visit at very short notice ,the magical Tigerwalah services do come in handy .My trips is planned-hotel booked,safari organized and every thing is well taken care of .I blindly trust the commitment of Tigerwalah, never ever have they disappointed me .Most importantly involvement of Tigerwalah team during the trip is amazing ,they are always updated on local sighting dynamics and ensure that their team including third party vendors provide an unique wildlife experience .Extremely reasonable charges and superb services make Tigerwalah the best choice for Hotel & Safari bookings in places like Ranthambhore,Bandhavgarh,Corbett and Sariska ." My best wishes to Anurag Sharma and team for a  super duper success in coming seasons and beyond.

Standard Chartered Bank

Dear Anurag

Pls accept our sincere thanks & appreciation for the well organised trip. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it & was a well deserved break from our usual corporate / city life.

And last but not least we also briefly discussed about making another trip in 6 months time to see the “elusive big cat”. May be we will try our luck in a new location!

I will surely recommend your company to my friends & colleagues.

Tulika Tripathi

I took my first ever safari, with a group of colleagues, to Ranthambore with Anurag and had a fab experience!!

Anurag’s passion coupled with his knowledge and ever expanding anecdotal repository makes the experience worth it. He takes care of the entire value chain of products and services linked to the trip viz travel bookings, transfers, hotels, passes – you name it. He runs a successful entrepreneur without getting carried away with making the whole proposition overly commercial. The personalised attention, sensitivity towards the local population, environment, animals is worth mentioning.

He epitomises stakeholder management with great bon homie with safari guides & drivers, hotel staff and other vendors working for him.

He has the tremendous capability of getting you to enjoy the experience of a safari- I remember him saying- Tigers can be sighted in Zoo too, you are here to experience the sounds and sights of the wild- Tiger is incidental bonus. You are reminded of the idiom- “Losing sight of the Woods for the trees” (Tigers here)

Here’s wishing Anurag many more successful experiences with 1706 Tigers and counting!!!


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