Full Day Tiger Safari

Exploring the Wonders of Full-Day Tiger Safaris in India 

Tiger safaris in India are more than just a fleeting encounter with the world's most magnificent big cat; they are a thrilling journey into the heart of the wilderness. While the traditional safari experience provides a glimpse of the jungle, full-day tiger safaris offer a deeper, more immersive encounter with nature's most regal predator. In this guide, we demystify the world of full-day tiger safaris, showcasing the advantages and prerequisites of this extraordinary adventure.

Understanding Full-Day Tiger Safaris

Full-day safari permits, predominantly issued for wildlife photographers, serious wildlife enthusiasts and filmmakers, are a unique offering in select parks in Central India, including Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, and Tadoba. Under this scheme, a limited number of enthusiasts are granted the privilege of staying within the forest from sunrise to sunset, with unrestricted access to the entire park. However, this privilege of access comes at an increased cost.

Advantages of Full-Day Tiger Safaris

1. More Time: Full-day safaris provide more time in the park, allowing for extended tiger tracking and wildlife observation. Visitors are permitted 15 minutes before the usual entry time and an additional 15-minute window after the standard safari timings. These extra minutes can be invaluable, particularly for early morning and late evening wildlife movements.

2. Better Sighting Opportunities: Tigers often roam away from designated safari tracks, especially during winter. With limited vehicles inside the park, you might spot them walking or resting on these tracks between safari hours. Your jeep could be the only one at that remarkable sighting spot.

3. Route-free Safari: In a regular safari, you must follow a pre-assigned route. On many occasions, potential sightings along your route may be compromised due to other vehicles. Full-day safaris offer flexibility, allowing you to stay longer in promising areas without being compelled to move on.

4. Zone-free Safari: Unlike standard safaris, full-day permits eliminate zone restrictions. You can switch between zones based on your preferences or recent sightings, offering the ultimate freedom in tracking wildlife.

5. Hassle-Free Safaris: During standard safaris, you may have different guides and drivers for each outing, leading to variations in the safari experience. With full-day safaris, you have the same driver and naturalist throughout, who become familiar with your preferences, photographic equipment, and previous sightings. This consistency enhances the planning and overall safari experience.

Prerequisites for Full-Day Tiger Safaris

- Safari permits are granted at the discretion of the forest department. They reserve the right to accept or reject applications for full-day safaris.

- A limited number of full-day permits are available each day, so prior booking is essential to secure your spot.

- Full-day safaris typically allow a maximum of four visitors per vehicle, in addition to the driver and guide.

- It's important to note that the cost of a full-day tiger safari is higher than a regular safari.

Booking Your Full-Day Tiger Safari

Booking a full-day tiger safari is a unique and enriching experience that promises unforgettable encounters with the majestic Bengal tiger. It's recommended to apply in advance and secure your permit, as availability is limited. For further information on full-day safaris or assistance with booking, feel free to contact us.



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