Safari Zones of Ranthambore

Are you planning a trip to Ranthambore and wondering which zone to book for maximising your chances of sightings? OR want to know which tigers reside in which zone OR which zone is the best zone this season? 

 Ranthambore Tiger Sighting Updates and Big Cats of Ranthambore along with this page should be able to answer some of your questions.

Wildlife safaris in Ranthambore are conducted in 10 designated safari zones. A limited number of vehicles are allowed on each safari zone during each shift so that vehicles are evenly distributed across the park and there is no overcrowding in areas with higher sighting probability

Entry for zones 1-5 is from the front side of the park whereas entry gates for zones 6-10 are at the back side of the park. In one safari session, visitors are allowed to cover only one safari zone and they have to enter and exit from the same entry gate as per fixed time.

Overall, as per the quota of vehicles, a total of 140 vehicles can enter the national park in one go. These vehicles both gypsy as well as cantor are distributed equally across all the 10 zones.

Map of Ranthambore National Park

The territory of tigers in tourism areas is spread across safari zones. Lots of tigers have territories across multiple zones and are sighted in different zones quite frequently as well.  Sharing zone-wise territories of tigers within tourism zone.

Zones of Ranthambore National Park Territory of Tigers
Zone 1 Sultana-T107 and cubs (F), T01 (M), Noori T105 & cubs(F)
Zone 2 T 120(M) Noori-T105 & cubs(F), T 60 (F), T 101 (M), Arrowhead T84 (F) and cubs, T123 (M)
Zone 3 Riddhi-T124(F) and cubs, T120 (M)
Zone 4 Riddhi-T124 (F) and cubs, T120 (M), T21 (M), Shakti-T111 & cubs, T 86 (M), T112(M) T 41 (F)
Zone 5 T124 (F), T 125(F), T41(F), and T 103 (F), T121 (M), T86 (M), T112 (M), T111 (F) and cubs
Zone 6 T8 (F), T39 Noor (F), T58 (M), T127 F
Zone 7 T58 (M), T61 (F)
Zone 8 T58 (M), T61 (F)
Zone 9 T62 (M), T99 (F). T108 (M)
Zone 10 T58 (M), T34 (M), T114 & cubs (F), T 99 & cubs (F)

Ranthambore National Park Zone Maps

Ranthambore National Park Zone 1 Map

Map of zone I

Important points in Zone I: Singhdwar (entry point), Tuti Ka Nala, Dhoop Chowk, Sultanpur Chowki, Khariya, KalaPeela Pani . While tigers and other animals can be seen anywhere, regular sightings are reported at SinghDwar, Kharia, Kala Peela pani, Khabli.


Ranthambore National Park Zone 2 Map

Map of safari zone II

Important points on Zone II- Jogi Mahal, Bada Gate, Jhalra, Parniya, Nal Ghati(Kamaldhar),Amrahi,Telan Pacheri, Phuta Bandha, Rishi Ka Deh,Pandu Deh, Phuta Kot, Lahpur Tiraha, Gaandra Deh,Guda Chowki.

Regular Sightings At: Jogi Mahal, Nal Ghati, Phuta Bandha, Lahpur Tiraha, Phuta Kot, Guda.


Ranthambore National Park Zone 3 Map

Safari zone III

Important Points: Padam Talab, Rajbagh lake, Rajbagh platform, Rajbagh boring, Kadam Khandi,Doodh Baawri,Mandook, High Point, Tapman Nalah, Karonj Ka Nalah


Ranthambore National Park Zone 4 Map

Zone IV safari map

Important Points: Singh Dwar (entry point), Gular Kui, Tamba Khan, Malik Talab, Lakkad Da, Magar De, Mendki De, Baba KI Gufa, Aadi Dant, Aadi Dagar, Berda, Bhanwarde, Semli, Bhoot Khurra, Lambi Ka Nalah.


Ranthambore National Park Zone 5 Map

Zone V safari route map

Important Points: Singh Dwar, Gular Kui, Tamba Khan, Jokha, Takiya Kui, Pili Ghati, Kachida, Dhakda, Bagdah Tiraha, Anatpura, Bakola.


Ranthambore National Park Zone 6 Map

Zone Vi safari route map

Important points on Zone VI-Soleshwar, Khabli, Saran Ka Pattha, Patwa Ki Baori, Kala Pani


Ranthambore National Park Zone 7 Map - Chidikho

Zone VII safari route map


Ranthambore National Park Zone 8 Map - Balas

Zone VIII safari route map


Ranthambore National Park Zone 9 Map - Qual Ji

Located in Phaloudi Range, Qual Ji game reserve is a 45-minute drive from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. A small conservancy on the banks of Chakal River this forest is home to a few tigers. This place is also famous for reported Caracal sightings.

Ranthambore National Park Zone 10 Map - Aantri

A recent addition to safari routes Aantri is home to T99 and her cubs along with 58 and T 108.  The hilly track with good water bodies is a good birding destination, especially in winter.

As per the latest notification effective 20th October 2023, zones 1-5 of Ranthambore National Park will remain closed for visitors on Tuesday (full day) whereas zones 1-6 will remain closed on Wednesday (full day).

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