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Explore Indian wilderness from some of the most prominent wildlife destinations in India- Ranthambore, Corbett, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, Tadoba, Panna, Sunderbans to some lesser known but promising destinations like Kaziranga, Rajaji, Satpura and so on with Tigerwalah.

Be it your first journey to the wilderness or the twentieth, go ahead, leave the planning and logistics management with us and get set for the promise of a unique experience each time. Our fixed departure wildlife tours provide you with an option to travel with like-minded travellers in a cost-efficient manner. Explore the fixed departure Indian jungle safari schedules here.

Customized Jungle Safari Tours in India

Our collection of the most popular adventure packages for the best wildlife safari in India


Frequently Asked Questions On Wildlife Tours

Q. Why is India a great place for wildlife tours?

A. India is one of the World's megadiverse countries. India has tremendous biodiversity from asiatic lions to royal bengal tigers, one horned rhinoceros and much more, that is why it is best suited for Wildlife tours

Q. Who provides the best wildlife tour packages in India?

A. Tigerwalah provides one of the best wildlife tour packages as it provides personalization of your wildlife tour.

Q. What is the best state for wildlife tour in India?

A. Well there are many states with different wildlife but central india is one where many national parks and tiger reserves are located which makes it a centre of attraction for wildlife tourists.

Q. What are the best wildlife tours and safari experiences in India?

A. These are one of the best wildlife tours and safari:

Q. Is a wildlife tour safe in India?

A. Yes, wildlife tours are absolutely safe in India. If you are with Tigerwalah there is no need to worry about the tour we will handle all the responsibilities regarding the tour for more you can check our policies.

Q. How do you choose a wildlife tour in India?

A. Just go to and contact us you can choose from Fixed wildlife tours or you can customize Wildlife tours according to your needs we will brief you all regarding your wildlife tour.

Q. Does Tigerwalah Provide Wildlife tours for Wildlife Photographers?

A. Yes Tigerwalah customized photography wildlife tours will take you to see the most amazing views for your photography actions.

Q. How can foreigners plan their wildlife tour in India?

A. Its easier to plan your wildlife tour just contact tigerwalah choose your fixed or customized wildlife tour your tour and book in advance and according to our discussion (while booking) we will recieve you.

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