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I have been eagerly awaiting this moment for a long time now, and I am thrilled that it has finally become a reality. After a gap of almost two years, I had the opportunity to visit Ranthambhore National Park, a place that I consider my second home. Both visits were unique in themselves, as I witnessed some intense jungle drama. Fortunately, humans were not the cause of it, but rather mere witnesses. In subsequent blog posts, I will share the details of both visits along with pictures.
The goal of this blog is to simplify wildlife, assist people with queries, and provide the latest updates on Ranthambhore and its inhabitants. I will also try to provide you with information on tigers in various tourist zones and ways to identify these tigers based on distinct marks and stripe patterns. I encourage people to share relevant information, pictures, and report sightings so that all tiger lovers can benefit.
I do not claim to be an authority on tigers or wildlife, but my association with Ranthambhore and tigers has given me some insights that I will share on this blog. Attached are some pictures from my recent visit. I hope you enjoy this blog and happy sightings.


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