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Tiger Attack- My Take

Yesterday at Ranthambhore National Park, there was an incident involving a male tiger named T20 (also known as Jhumroo), injured humans, angry villagers, and ill-equipped forest and police personnel. The situation was tense, but thanks to the efforts of a brave D.F.O., a tourism driver, and a forest guard, the worst was avoided. The tiger was tranquillized and released deep inside the protected area.


According to eyewitness accounts, Jhumroo, who is normally shy, attacked a villager who got too close while he was eating cattle. Another man who was watching the commotion was also attacked when he fell into the bushes. This attracted more villagers, making the rescue operation more difficult. The forest department, led by DCF (Core) Mr Y.K Sahu, swiftly tranquillized the tiger and moved him to safety. 


The tiger was seen by the forest department the next day and appeared to be doing fine. During the monsoon season, village cattle graze in the forest, making them easy prey for big cats like Jhumroo. This situation may worsen in the coming months as more people enter the park for various reasons.


The conflict between "The Haves" and "Nots" is a complex issue that needs to be addressed at the grassroots level. Those who have the luxury of living near the forest want to save the tigers, but they have already wiped-out forests and wild animals from their vicinity. Meanwhile, those who live near the forest and are custodians of its rich flora and fauna live a meagre life and are expected to accept meagre sums of money for their losses.


We hope for a solution to this issue before it gets worse. For now, we are grateful that Jhumroo is safe and back in the wilderness.


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