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Relocation of strayed tiger T 7

A male tiger, T7, is being relocated from Bharatpur to Sariska by a team from the Wildlife Institute of India and the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

T7 had been residing in Bharatpur for some time, but Union Forest and environment minister Jairam Ramesh had set a deadline for T7's relocation to Sariska in February. The relocation process will be challenging as T7 will not be lured by baits due to the abundance of prey in the area.

T7 had previously attacked an assistant conservator of the forest, Daulat Singh Shaktawat, and had strayed away from the national park. The relocation operation will be managed by the field director of Sariska and WII officials. The tiger will be transported inside a cage on a vehicle as the distance between Bharatpur and Sariska is not far enough for a helicopter.

The operation is risky due to T7's history of attacking people, but it is necessary as leaving the tiger in Bharatpur for too long may result in it straying away to other places. Sariska Tiger Reserve currently has four tigers, including a male, but with the death of ST-1, it will have only two male tigers after T7's relocation.


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