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Ranthambhore welcomes its Gen Next

Three more Kings/ Queens (gender not certain) were added to the Gen Next of Ranthambhore National Park. T11, also known as Chiroli female has recently been sighted with three cubs in Chiroli area of the park. This area lies in the core zone & is therefore out of bounds for tourists. The cubs are around four months of age & their picture has been captured in camera traps installed by the forest department in that area.

With this increment, the total number of cubs in the park has reached 12.
The other tigress currently with cubs in the park are:
T26- 3 cubs
T13- 2 cubs (currently out of the park)
T31- 2 cubs
2 cubs of T5 tigress

For those interested in history, the cubs of same tigress were poisoned by villagers of Talda Khet village in March 2010, by poisoning the goat carcass they had killed.


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