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Ranthambhore Times II

Another successful trip to Ranthambhore, my second home. The morning started with Sighting of T39, one of the most beautiful tigers in Ranthambhore. She is very much identical to T17 in terms of stripe pattern, minus T17’s collar & it would be difficult to distinguish between both of them if placed together at the same time. Both have prominent and continuous dot markings on stomach, similar to pearl necklace.

I had clicked this beauty on two previous occasions & some of my best photos so far are courtesy her. She is a confident young tigress, a wonderful poser & never disappoints shutterbugs.

She seemed to be a bit stressed, moved fast in a hap hazard manner as if looking for something. Probably disturbed by signs of presence of another tiger in her territory as she was constantly sniffing, leaving her own scent on trees cementing her claim on territory.

On our way back T28 suddenly appeared on forest track at Telan Pacheri & literally caught us off guard. Had heard about his movement in this area in morning though, there were no visible signs to confirm his presence except sighting at the same place previous evening. He probably had made a kill & had come to this road side stream for drinking water. The forest track in this patch is a single road & is almost 4 feet elevated from ground level, therefore could not sense his movement. He came on the main road, walked a little bit in front of our vehicle before disappearing back into the bushes. This was probably the first time this young lad was seen in this area of the park which otherwise is territory of T24. His area is normally confined till Tamba Khan & Lakkad Dah on zone 4, entire zone 3, khemcha kund, Naal Ghati area on zone II & his presence at Telan Pacheri area was surely a surprise.

Tiger sightings have improved as compared to October. So Far T17, T16, T39, T24, T25, T28, T19 with cubs, T6, T34, T8 with cubs & T41 have been sighted by various tourist vehicles, also report of one sighting of T22, shy tigress from Gandra Deh area.

Park entry time has been changed in view of early sunset.
Morning: 7- 10.30 AM
Evening: 2-5.30 PM

Most of the areas inside the park are still lush green, streams & nullahs are still flowing reminding of excellent monsoon this year. Red algae formation has started on lakes & in months' time all the three lakes would convert into red carpet along with green backdrop.

As i complete this edition of Ranthambhore times defunct radio collar of T17 has been removed successfully yesterday & I look forward to clicking the current Queen of Ranthambhore without her ‘necklace’. Probably the only representative of her gender who would not have any regret on loosing this piece of metal.


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