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Ranthambhore Khabar

Almost a month since Ranthambhore reopened for visitors & a lot of action has already happened including one unfortunate incident of the killing of forester Gheesu Singh by T24 on 25.10.12. A lot of action is taking place in the lives of Ranthambhore tigers. Some of these events will surely impact the power dynamics at Ranthambhore in the coming months. Here’s a brief snapshot:

T25 aka Dollar– His advance towards the lake area indicates his ulterior motives of wanting to control this prime habitat at Ranthambhore. With both cubs turning sub-adults & preferring to live separately, he seems to be getting ready to get back into action. Would be interesting to watch his interaction with T28 as he has staked his claim on the lake area.

T17– The current queen of Ranthambhore successfully dodged forest officials & filmmakers in monsoon & some experts even raised questions regarding the survival of cubs. However, she was back in action as soon as the park reopened & obliged tourists as always. Her recent move of shifting her cubs from Karonj Ka Nalah to Kachida which is part of T25 territory has surprised many. The queen recently killed a 10 feet python a few days back in the presence of tourists with ease. Once notorious for her casual flings at the drop of a hat, her new avatar as a dedicated mother has surely earned her additional stripes.

T16 aka Machli– Looks like she is further withdrawing herself from public life & prefers to stay in solitude in her small territory. Her movement is very restricted, generally early morning or late evening, thereby reducing the chances of sighting.

T39– The first tigress to be sighted this season, she is busy playing a devoted mother. Favourite tigress of many photographers, her son is now comfortable in the presence of tourist vehicles.  Sightings are more or less frequent even though the prime territory in Zone 1 is closed to tourists.

T28 aka Star Male– A frequent tourism zone tiger till last year, he seems to have lost interest in the lake area. Not sure if he has already accepted defeat from Dollar or if is it a case of heartbreak post-T17’s recent move of moving her cubs to Dollar’s territory. He is spending most of his time in Lahpur Valley with T19 & her cubs. His behaviour seems slightly subdued as his movement these days is generally post-safari hours. A confrontation with Dollar is likely shortly & the outcome would have far-reaching consequences.

T24– Termed as a cool dude of the tourism zone until recently, he has earned loads of negative attention because of the recent incident. The majority of his territory has been closed to visitors since then however he makes his presence felt by regular sightings on fort road or Ranthambhore Road. His movement is being closely monitored by the forest department; thankfully no adverse behaviour has been observed so far. On a lighter note, woodcutters, grass cutters & graziers would surely think ten times before entering his area. He is, of late spending time with one of Dollar’s daughters, would this new companion him control his testosterone levels? only time will tell.

T41-Berda Tigress, a resident of the Semli Berda area has not been sighted this season. Is she going to share some good news soon as she was seen mating with T6 on 30th June 2012?

B1& B2- Kachida cubs have now turned sub-adults & are in the process of getting independent. The duo is normally sighted together & prefers to spend most of their time on the periphery of the park. B1 has found a new companion in the form of T24 & has been sighted with him frequently. The Forest department is now planning to move both to Sariska.


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