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Ranthambhore: Another first from Tiger Heaven

A news article in a leading daily tells the story of a male tiger's rare display of emotion at Ranthambhore.

The cubs of T5, also known as Kachida tigress, lost their mother three months ago and are now being raised under the watchful eyes of the forest department. The cubs have been spotted in Tamba Khan area of zone V, along with the pug marks of a male tiger. This has raised concerns about the safety of the cubs. The forest department conducted a massive search operation and installed camera traps in the area.

Surprisingly, the cubs were sighted with T25, a dominant male in the area who is believed to be their father. This type of behaviour is not commonly observed among male tigers, who are generally solitary and only protect their family from other male tigers. Although concerns were raised about the safety of the cubs when T17 was seen in the area, the same tigress was recently seen mating with T25. This may help to ensure the safety of the cubs, although there is no theory to support this.

We hope this could be another first in the history of tiger conservation from Ranthambhore.


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