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More cubs at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Exciting news has emerged from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve regarding Arrowhead, also known as T84. She is the former queen of Ranthambhore and the granddaughter of the legendary Tiger Machli. Today, she was spotted with three new cubs, putting an end to the speculation about whether she had given birth alongside her daughter, Riddhi, who is the current queen of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and also known as T124.
According to the forest department, the cubs are estimated to be between two and three months old and were born in May 2023. This marks Arrowhead's fourth litter. Her first litter, consisting of three cubs, was born around February 2018 but unfortunately lost the litter by March 2018. Arrowhead was then seen mating with T86 on March 18, 2018, and the cubs were fathered by him.
Arrowhead's second litter was born in October 2018 and was first seen on January 2, 2019. Riddhi and Siddhi, two cubs fathered by T86, were born to Arrowhead. In the summer of 2021, Arrowhead gave birth to three more cubs, her third litter. However, these cubs were only spotted once during monsoon around the Parnia area of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and were believed to have died during the monsoon.
Arrowhead is approximately 9 years old and is the daughter of T19, also known as Krishna. Her brother Pacman aka T85 was found dead in October 2018, and her sister Lightning aka T 83 died a few months ago at Mukundara Tiger Reserve. Arrowhead took over her mother's territory and pushed her sister away from the lakes. However, in 2020, Arrowhead was defeated by her daughter Riddhi aka T124 and forced to leave the prized lake area.
Since 2021, Arrowhead has been living in a small territory around the Naal Ghaati and Amraahi area of the park around the foothills of Ranthambore Fort, her territory is sandwiched between two dominant males T120 and T101, and she has gotten into fights with them over food.
Arrowhead has recently made headlines for her action-packed sightings. She killed a turtle, charged at crocodiles in Rajbagh Lake, and miraculously survived unscathed. She also killed and ate a crocodile in June 2023, as documented by a friend.
As both mother T84 and daughter T124 nurse their cubs and protect them from dangers, some known and some unknown, the next few months will be interesting. It is hoped that they co-exist peacefully and the cubs survive and remain healthy.

6 new cubs born in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve so far this year and we are expecting some more additions to this family soon.  


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