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More cubs at Ranthambhore II

I am excited to share some news about T39, a mother tiger in Ranthambhore. Recently, her young cub was spotted in Sultanpur, bringing the total number of cubs in the park to 23. T39's mother, T13, was also born as a single cub to T14, also known as Sultanpur Badi.


There are several other tiger mothers in the park with cubs as well. T17, also known as Sundari and daughter of the legendary Machli, reportedly gave birth earlier this month. Although we won't be able to confirm until the end of June, her recent behaviour and visible mammary glands suggest that she did have a litter. T17's last mating was with T28 in January 2012, and she is currently restricted to the lake area of the park.


It's important to note that tiger cubs are not typically seen until 2-3 months after their birth. Forest officials tracking T39 only found evidence of one cub, although it was believed she had given birth to two. Regardless, it's always exciting to see new additions to the park's tiger population.


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