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It's all about family at Sariska

One family has been separated, but another family is soon to be united in Sariska. It seems that Sariska has become skilled at bringing families together, and this time is no different. Two female tiger cubs have been relocated to Sariska and separated from their father, T25, only to be reunited with their half-brother. It may sound complicated, but allow me to explain.

The cubs, named B1 and B2, are from the litter of T5, the deceased Kachida tigress who is also the mother of T7, also known as ST6, from a previous litter. T7 is one of the two male tigers currently present at Sariska and a potential mate for the female cubs. Therefore, he is their half-brother. It's unclear whether this fact was considered when selecting suitable tigers for relocation.

It's interesting to note that there was criticism of the selection of tigers from Ranthambhore in the past as well. ST2 and ST3 females had the same mother, T16, and ST2 females and ST1 males had the same father, raising concerns about inbreeding among Sariska tigers. However, it seems that no lessons have been learned this time either.

As always, there may be an expert logic behind these decisions that is beyond the comprehension of the average person. But for now, we welcome B1 and B2 to their new family in Sariska. After all, it's all about family, isn't it?


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