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History Repeats Itself in Tiger world


Tigress Noor jahan: Ranthambore

Noor Jehan with cub: Image courtesy Abhinav Dhar

Once again, the proverb is proven correct. A couple of days back had come across a photograph taken by Abhinav Dhar in Ranthambhore almost 2 decades back. This picture of Noorjehan, a resident tiger around lakes then was taken while she was carrying her three young cubs in her mouth one by one. A beautiful depiction of how those deadly tiger jaws infamous for bone-breaking grip can be as gentle. The mother uses the same set of deadly weapons to carry young ones from one place to another without causing any harm to them.


Exactly after a few days a dear friend & famous naturalist

T8 carrying cub in mouth

T8 with cub on 28.11.13 image courtesy Nafees Mohd

Nafees Mohammed was successful in capturing this beautiful moment once again. T8 the resident female tiger of zone 6,7 & 8 was seen mating with T34 the resident male in the first week of May and as a result of this successful mating as per our estimation, the cub was born sometime in August. Around 26th November she had made a kill in the tourism zone & was being sighted regularly. On the 28th evening, he was able to capture this dream shot. Sharing this unique moment with all of you.


This surely is a dream moment for most wildlife photographers, only a few are lucky enough to witness it. God bless you, my friend, you are truly blessed. As I say” Ranthambhore never disappoints”, your persistence finally paid off.


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