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Drama in Tiger Paradise


T25 & T19 Ranthambore

A short-lived affair: T25 & T19

In one big drama in tiger paradise, three protagonists of which two characters are the same & history is repeated once again. Is this sheer coincidence, too similar to be believed it isn't? A few years back her sister was sighted mating with T25 aka Dollar, a resident of Tamba Khan- Kachhida area. After two days of mating, she escaped and within a few hours, she was wooing another male T28.

This time is no different either, after two days of courtship, T19 leaves him without saying goodbye only to reunite with old companion T28 at the lakes. T28 had spent the previous day searching and roaring for her, little did he know that she was occupied somewhere else. However, he got a chance to settle scores the very next day as he chose to ignore her advances more than once. Male ego after all.

Meanwhile, T25 who was furious about her escape, caught hold of old lady Machli & was busy checking

T25 aka Dollar Male Ranthambore

Lonely Again: Dollar aka T25

her out. He must be wondering what’s with both the sisters i.e. T17 & T19, first they approach & then disappear without any hint. Perhaps he is destined to struggle for partners first untimely death of his partner T5 & then these two sisters….

Strangely few people had predicted this disappearing act yesterday itself, guess they had learned the right lesson’ history does repeat itself”


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