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Dollar is single and ready to mingle


Dollar Male aka T25 at Ranthambore

Dollar male aka T25

So finally, he is & on the move. T25 aka Dollar Male is again in the news for territory infringement & eyeing other’s girls. After all, he has been single for quite some time now. After the translocation of his daughter to Sariska, he did try to woo T19 by challenging Star and was partially successful in mating with her. However, the current queen of Ranthambhore did not repeat the mistake her sister T17 did & is raising a litter sired by Star.

There was not much news of Dollar this summer apart from a few odd sightings & suddenly he makes a bold move. His regular presence in Bakola, the territory of T6 aka Romeo is surprising. Was this in search of new land or a new partner?? Well has to be a girl, the skewed sex ratio in the park leaves him little choice but to steal someone else girl. The resident female T41 is currently raising a single female cub fathered by T6.

T41 aka Laila at Ranthambore

Laila aka T41

He was sighted mating with T41 on the 15th of June evening…not sure if T41 aka Laila is looking for some fun behind Romeo’s back OR was just an effort to keep the challenger away from her young cub. Would be interesting to see if this one-time affair grows further & how Romeo reacts to this open challenge.

This one or that one, dollar’s intentions are pretty clear…. he needs to mate & increase his bloodline. He was on the move again, this morning with a new girl, mating…. later identified as T41 only.

Well, I wish you all the luck dude but need to slow down, can’t make up for the loss of two years in two weeks, isn’t it??


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