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Another one from RNP - More cubs

Finally, it is official, while all of us who track Ranthambhore closely knew this fact for a while the same was confirmed today. T19- the resident tigress of Nalghati was sighted with her three newly born cubs in the Jagner area of the park this morning. with this increment, the number of cubs in the park has increased to 17, out of which 5 are in the tourism zone.
In the interest of the welfare of mother & cubs, the zone has been closed to visitors.

The first exclusive pics of Tigress with cubs have been published in a leading local daily, whose managing editor is a dear friend & wildlife enthusiast.

Had seen T19 during my previous visit to the park in May 2011, she had killed a Sambhar Deer at Nalghati & was dragging the kill towards Narsatka Nalah, the place where kids were apparently born.

Attaching the picture of this tigress with kill clicked by me then.


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