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Mysterious Laila


Laila aka T41

Laila aka T41

Last week there were reports of a tigress sighted with newborn cubs in Zone 4. A few safari guides & accompanying guests claimed of having seen a tigress walking with cubs on a hill. However, before anybody could document this sighting by taking pictures, they disappeared into bushes. Since the area belongs to T41 aka Laila it was assumed that probably she has given birth to her second litter.

Her lone female cub from the first litter had separated sometime in the monsoon of 2014 and has been on her own ever since living mostly in the area between Aadi Dagar and Aadi Dant. So, it is natural for T41 aka Laila to raise her second litter.

T41’s life has not been an open book though. Despite courting her long-time companion T6 aka Romeo, the dominant male of her area she has had her share of flings. First, it was T33 aka Chiroli male & then T25 aka Dollar male who virtually stole her from Romeo after a brief duel in the summer of 2014.

While her sightings have been very less this season, she was sighted mating with Romeo aka T6 on day 1 of park opening i.e. 01.10.14 which continued on 2nd October as well. Going by the fact that the gestation period normally lasts 90-100 days she can have given birth to her second litter but would she venture out so soon with her young ones is the question?? Even if the cubs are already born, they would be less than or around a month old.

Could it be her female cub instead?? Born probably in quarter 1 of 2013 she is too young to litter perhaps OR could it be a leopard with cubs??

Post this report by the tourist's forest department has installed camera traps in the area…would keep you posted on the news if any.


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