About Us

Tigerwalah- The Enchanting Tale

Tigerwalah is a love story. It’s a story of my romance with the wilderness that started just as I was stepping into the teenage and visited Ranthambore for the first time ever. I was smitten and fascinated-even without a tiger in sight for me! Time flew by and I moved along, finding a well paying corporate job and a very urbane life. Never for a moment though, I was able to forget my first love of the wild and craved to go back. With the first available opportunity, I returned to Ranthambore only to renew the ties and fall in an even deeper love with the place. Tigers however, kept eluding me for long. It was in the summer of 2007 that I saw the majestic Machli along with her latest litter and I knew that I can never go back. Off went the successful corporate career eventually and Tigerwalah was born in February 2010. The motive was to address the need to provide credible park and tiger information to visitors, followers and tiger lovers across the globe-my humble contribution to the cause of the striped cat. Today, this beautiful love story continues with Tigerwalah transforming itself to an enthusiastic partner in bringing the many joys of the jungle to the peace deprived city dwellers. By giving people a much needed respite from the stressful urban lifestyle, sharing my love and passion for the wilderness has never been more rewarding. Cheers to the love of the wild!

Never a Dull Moment

We are in love with the jungle and can’t have enough of it. What better way was there then rather than taking this passion forward and help everyone benefit from it. So here we are, planning organising and crafting exciting trips into the wild and giving a break to you from your mundane city life. We thrive on providing a unique wildlife experience to you and we do it pretty well, considering that 80% of our clients are repeat or referral clients making us a partner into their journey into the wilderness and not just an average tour planning agency.

With our clients unravelling the secrets of the tiger parks across the country every day, we start the day early and are touching base regularly with them and the parks for tiger sightings and other follow ups. Planning fresh itineraries, booking safaris and ensuring a seamless execution by vendors to give a smooth sailing experience to the client is all in a day’s work for us. So a typical day at Tigerwalah starts with forests and ends with forests in our mind, conversations and activities with our satisfied and loyal clients being the biggest reward – how exciting wouldn’t you think?!

The Tigerwalah Squad

Anurag Sharma aka Tigerwalah

Anurag Sharma
The Enlightened One. A management graduate and a successful banker, Anurag attained his enlightenment in 2012 when he gave up his high flying corporate job after a ten years stint for the simpler pleasures in the wild! Since then he has found his true calling in wandering in the tiger reserves of Northern and Central India and exploring their rich flora and fauna. With a course in wildlife conservation conducted by the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, another brick was added in Anurag’s rich experience and further expanded his knowledge in issues like biodiversity, habitat conservation and restoration, challenges in park management and monitoring activities using scientific tools etc. Anurag takes pride in being an avid wildlife lover, tiger fanatic, photo documenter and uses his spare time in guiding other wildlife lovers by being their group leader and safari escort.

Bhaskar Sharma

Bhaskar Sharma
The Enchanted One. Bhaskar is a trained insurance professional with a rich global experience who was leading a regular city life until the jungle lores of his brother Anurag started fascinating him. A self employed professional, Bhaskar pitches in as a volunteer for onsite ground support as and when required to execute large groups.


Dynamic Drives

Our primary motive was to provide credible park and tiger information to everyone concerned and we never deterred from it. Keeping in mind the same, we conceptualized and designed the first ever tiger database and tracking software for Ranthambore Tiger Reserve along with Forest Department. This database acts as an information repository for all Ranthambore tigers dead or alive, capturing their important life history moments and also tracking movement of tourism zone tigers on daily basis. This is first such web based database in India which captures head profiles of all individual tigers apart from left and right flanks.

We have also been actively involved in monitoring activities at Ranthambore including gender identification and ageing of cubs, stripe mark identification etc. Having improvised and tested successfully for last 3 years, we will soon expand scope of this database to other Tiger Parks of country.

Off the Beaten Path (what we do and how we do it differently)

So how is Tigerwalah from most of the safari organizers, you would ask.

The answer is simple. We don’t just organise jungle safaris, we are in love with the jungle (remember the love story?!). It is this mad love for the jungle that makes us personally spend a lot of time tracking most of the parks we operate we are updated on latest dynamics of each park on daily basis. We work with some of the most passionate resort owners, safari guides and drivers at all these destinations who are in complete alignment with us to provide you a unique and hassle free wildlife experience. We sincerely believe that our clients put in lot of physical, mental, monetary and emotional effort to go on a wildlife holiday and we are committed to deliver the desired experience at a budget suitable to you. Happiness in the Wild!