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Sariska Tribe Increases Further


Tigress ST10 with cubs at Sariska

ST10 with cubs

Another good news from Sariska during monsoon. First, it was a sighting of ST2 with two cubs and now ST10 one of the twin sisters shifted to Sariska from Ranthambhore has been sighted with two cubs. With this sighting the total count of tigers at Sariska reaches 13- two males, seven females and four cubs. Both the news would bring some relief to the FD of Sariska who have constantly been under tremendous pressure post re-introduction of tigers here.

ST9 & ST10 are daughters of T5 tigress from Ranthambhore & were also named Bina 1 and Bina 2. Born sometime in October 2010, they lost their mother when they were 5 months and were reared by the forest department in the wild. While it was not the first time the forest department was rearing cubs in the wild at Ranthambhore, for the first time modern technology including night vision cameras was installed in the area to monitor the progress of these cubs.  But this was not the only first in the life of these destiny children, In October 2011 camera trap pictures installed to monitor their growth revealed a secret. Presence of a male tiger with these cubs, which was later identified as T25 also the father of these cubs. While male tigers were sighted with cubs in the presence of females earlier as well, this was probably the first time a male tiger was taking care of cubs in the absence of the mother.

The Duo- ST9 & ST10. Image courtesy Desh bandhu

The Duo- ST9 & ST10. Image courtesy Desh Bandhu

Given the space crunch at Ranthambhore, these cubs were shifted to Sariska in January 2013 when they were 27 months old. While it was expected that these cubs would settle in the Sariska range, both of them preferred to settle in the non-tourism area of the park. While sister ST9 was occasionally sighted crossing the state highway crossing through the heart of the reserve ST10 remained elusive except for some accidental sightings to villagers and trackers.

Beginning of 2014 there was news of her courting with ST4 and subsequent mating close to human settlements. The proactive forest department at Sariska patrolled a few kilometres of state highway for nights together to ensure privacy for the royal couple and looks like their efforts paid off.

Here’s wishing Sariska and its denizens a safe future.


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