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The legacy continues

It has been confirmed that T17, the daughter of legendary Machli II and the current Queen of Ranthambhore, was spotted with her three cubs in the Rajbagh Area of the park this morning. This sighting brings the count of cubs in Ranthambhore to 26. This is T17's first litter, with the father likely being T28 or Star Male. It is interesting to note that T28 may also be the father of T19's three cubs, who is T17's sister.

T17, who is six years old, mated with several dominant males in Ranthambhore, earning various notorious titles for her frivolous flings, but was unable to conceive. Her defunct radio collar was removed in Nov2011, and she finally gave birth to a litter in Karounj ka Nalah area of the park in early May. After the cubs were born, their maternal grandmother T16 made two visits to the area, her first visits in the last four years since her defeat at the hands of her own daughter T17.

This is the third instance of three cubs in the family's history, and the legacy of this family continues to rule the most expensive wild real estate in Ranthambhore for three generations.


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