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More cubs at Ranthambhore

There have been recent sightings of a tigress named T9 - Durrah Female - at Ranthambhore with two cubs. This brings the total number of cubs in the park to 22. Other cubs in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve include two female cubs of T5 raised by their father, 2 cubs of T8, two cubs of T31, 3 cubs of T19, 2 cubs of T26, 3 cubs of T11, and 3 cubs of T30. There are also two cubs of T13, but there is uncertainty about their existence. T13, a resident tigress of Sultanpur, had left the park to protect her cubs following the translocation of T12 to Sariska. T13 recently killed a buffalo near the park, but there is no evidence of her cubs. However, there is hope for more cubs from T39, a favourite tigress who may have given birth to cubs in early March. 
As these cubs mature over the next 1-1.5 years, the park may not have enough space to accommodate them all, especially male cubs. While some current residents may make space for the new generation, the park still requires additional areas to house them all. Park officials must develop an effective plan to prevent a repeat of the Broken Tail story. One potential solution could be to use areas within the Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary. However, we must have many such options. We hope that the capable individuals in charge of the forest department are already working on this issue.


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