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Tiger Queen of Ranthambhore

While Rajbagh has been put on rent, the dynasty which controlled this area for almost two decades is not ready to let it go to some lesser mortal. Grand Matriarch Machli decided to come out of her old age home & repossess it. She spent three nostalgic days visiting the area in which she was born & also areas which were once her home turf. However, since the forest department expressed their inability to serve her here, she is now back to her present home as she does not like compromises 

Machli at Rajbagh

Queen Machli in action at Rajbagh: Image courtesy Grey Films

Current Queen T17 is recuperating from her recent injuries in her new home at Badlao Valley & is in no mood to come back as per our sources. She has everything she needs plenty of food & water and human company close by to keep her in good humour. Meanwhile, I have been told that land prices around her new home have skyrocketed & top-notch wildlife photographers are contemplating making the most of her presence by joining hands for organizing arm-chair tiger photography events.

T19 the other daughter of the clan earned her freedom from parenthood & she seems to be in no hurry to settle down, preferring a nomadic life instead. While she has also explored this option, it is still too early for her to commit.

The park presently has more filmmakers & VIPs than tourists. A source on condition of anonymity informed us that the numbers of both species are likely to increase shortly. However, since most of these are migratory, there is no cause for concern.

Though the extra-ordinary tiger dynasty continues to remain under threat, the good news is that Ranthambhore tigers are returning for sure & those who wish to say goodbye to someone when they are alive rather than attending funerals may have to wait a little longer as Here Tiger’s do Rule.

All we tiger lovers can do is just wait and watch for the drama to unfold.



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