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New identity for Young Ranthambore Tigers

All sub-adult tigers at Ranthambore finally have a new identity of their own. Apart from being known as male/female cubs of T xx, all the sub-adult tigers at RTR have been assigned a T- No of their own. The Forest department has released a list of 16 new T no’s for all sub-adult cubs at Ranthambhore, starting from T76 till T91. This is the third such exercise of assigning T no’s at Ranthambore to individual Tigers basis their stripe pattern profiling. In 2009 ID numbers from T1 to T47 were issued, followed by T48 to T75 in October 2013. Normally as a practice followed each young individual is assigned a T no once, he/she turns sub-adult & starts living independently.

Some of the popular tourism zone tigers have also been assigned numbers- Star trio of Ranthambore & cubs of T19 from current litter – Lightning is now T83, whereas flamboyant Arrowhead is now T84 & Pacman has been assigned T85.

Apart from these cubs of Noor aka T39 from the Previous litter – Kalua (dark striped) have been numbered T88 whereas his brother popularly called Dholya( light striped) has been assigned T89.



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