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New Family Around Lakes

Ranthambore definitely would be incomplete without this famous family, any news when related to this clan is always a highlight and this one is no different. This time as well it’s no different. It’s reason enough for me to pen an overdue post; the first of this season on Ranthambore.

While her mother & overthrown queen- T19 presently continues to nurse her three surviving cubs far away from her prized possession of lakes, a place she once ruled until defeated by her daughter- Arrowhead aka T84. T19 had to not only make way for the new queen but also move and be forced to live in an area which once belonged to her mother -Legendary Machli. The victor and new queen of lakes, T84 inherited the responsibility of carrying the legacy of this great clan forward. With 3 possible suitors in the form of T91, T86 and also T57 she surely was spoilt for choices, as is suited to her royal style.  Initially, it appeared that T91 was well settled around lakes after overthrowing star male aka T28, but his rule was soon challenged by T86 which resulted in him moving out of the park closer to his new likely home at Mukundara TR.

T86 male Ranthambore

T86 male- Arrowhead’s new partner

It seems Arrowhead chose the new challenger T86 over the other contender T57, at least it appears so for now. She was spotted with 2 newly born cubs on 22nd February 2018, cubs are roughly 2/3 weeks old thereby putting an end to rumours regarding her pregnancy/having given birth recently etc. etc. With this news third generation of Machli’s clan would start rearing up their cubs around the lake area. Arrowhead is not the first member from Gen III of the Machli Clan to have given birth to cubs as T63 from T19’s first litter, as well as T73, the female cub of T17, has already given birth to cubs which are almost sub-adults. But given her current control over the traditional seat of family-the lakes she and her new litter attract the spotlight much more than other breeding members of her bloodline. Her sister from the same litter Lightning aka T83 is also rumoured to have given birth already but the same is yet to be confirmed as there has been no direct evidence of the presence of cubs in her area yet.

As expected, the wildlife community and local forest staff are thrilled with the news of the new queen having a family of her own, and lakes would regain their glory after a short exile & I for one, am looking forward to observing the third generation of tigers from this great clan that has been prospering around lakes.


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