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Tiger Reserve Updates– A Tigerwalah initiative to keep our followers updated on latest news, tourist information & sighting updates from various prominent parks & tigers reserves of India. Do follow this page & stay updated( latest news first).

  • T27 aka Dhawajhandi female at Kanha Tiger Reserve sighted with 3 young cubs on October 10th- Kanha Tiger Reserve.
  • New season in most of the parks has started as a bang. Ranthambore and all other parks of central India opened on October 1st whereas day safaris at Corbett started from October 15th . Dhikala would open from 15th November .
  • All tiger reserves of North & central India are now closed for visitors till 30th September 2016. Ranthambore & parks in MP would open on 1st October whereas Dhikala zone of Corbett would open on 15th November. Buffer zones of Sariska, Kanha, Bandhavgarh & Tar road of Tadoba are still open for visitors. during this period 01.07.16
  • All tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh would remain open for visitors till 30th June 2016 this season.
  • Tadoba tiger reserve looks promising once again with sighting of Sonam & her cubs around Teliya lake.
  • Full day safari guests at Bandhavgarh to get zone free privilege once again effective today. Now they can cover all 3 zones in each safari as earlier. 17.11.15
  • Dhikala zone of Corbett tiger reserve open for visitors w.e. 15th November.
  • More cubs sighted at Pench Tiger Reserve MP. Baghinnala female was sighted with four 2 months old cubs recently.
  • Bamera the famous dominant male at Bandhavgarh has been captured & put in enclosure by forest department post continued reports of cattle lifting by him around nearby villages. Bamera has been facing stiff competition from new males in the park since last season & has been injured multiple times post these fights.
  • Looks like Collar wali the famous tigress from Pench has lost two cubs during monsoon as she is being sighted with only two cubs in October.
  • News of sighting of small cubs from Jhirna & recently opened Dhela zone of Corbett.
  • Tadoba Tiger Reserve opened for visitors today morning. One Day 1, Sonam a popular tigress from Teliya family was sighted with 3 cubs on Mohurli road. 16.10.15
  • Sighting log for Maghdi zone of Bandhavgarh opened with sighting of 2 different males. 16.10.15
  • Safari in Bijrani zone of Corbett tiger reserve started today morning while Dhikala would open on 15th November. Sighting of 1 of the female cub of Sharmilee has been reported near water tank no 2 in morning shift today 15.10.15
  • Maghdi & Khitouli zones of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve would open for visitors w.e from tomorrow morning. Tala is already open since 1st October. #Bandhavgarh 15.10.15
  • Online bookings for day visit to Bijrani & Jhirna zones of corbett to open on 15th September, Dhikala FRH bookings to open on October 1st. #Corbett
  • Tiger found Dead in Agoratoli range of Kaziranga National park, reportedly post territorial fight.  #Kaziranga
  • Online bookings for Tadoba Tiger Reserve now open. Visitors can book their safaris 120 days in advance through this online booking system. 17.08.15 # Tadoba
  • Tigress P233 reported dead after a territorial fight with another tiger P234. P234 is currently being treated by park officials for injury. 14.108.15 #Panna
  • A decomposed body of Tiger found at Pench Tiger Reserve, reason of death unknown. #Pench
  • Online Bookings for Ranthambore Tiger reserve open effective 10th July 2015. Bookings open daily at 10.00 AM & is open for next 90 days. #Ranthambore
  • Online Bookings for Tiger Reserves  of Central India- Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Panna & Pench are also open effective 1st August 2015. This year all these parks would open for visitors on 1st October 2015, 15 days prior to previous opening schedule. #Bandhavgarh #Kanha #Panna #Pench

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