Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Tadoba – Andhari  Tiger reserve is a pristine and a unique eco-system located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra.The reserve contains some of the best forest tracts and has emerged as a wonderful habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger.

The name ‘Tadoba’ is the name of the God ‘Tadoba’ or “Taru”, worshipped  by the tribals and  is famed to live in the dense forests of Tadoba and Andhari region. Tadoba’s  southern tropical dry deciduous forest of Deccan Peninsula comprises of teak forests with bamboo thicket, which are  wildlifer’s dream. It lies in Chandrapur Ddstrict and is Maharashtra’s oldest National Park created in 1955. The National Park is 623  sq. kms in area, consisting of two forested rectangles of the Tadoba and Andhari range. The best thing about the park is that it remains open all round the year, even in the monsoons.

The rich deciduous forest mainly consists of bamboo & teak. The other trees are gardenia, satinwood, mahua and jamun. The other trees which are found within the protected area are, ain, arjun, behada, bija, bhera, bor, bel, chichwa, dhawada, kusum, mowai, phetra, rohan, salai, semal, shisham, sisoo, shivan, surya, sirus, tendu, etc.

Other than the tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve is home to rare Indian wildlife like leopards, sloth bears, gaur, wild dogs, hyenas, civets, jungle cats and many species of the Indian deer like sambar, cheetal, nilgai, and the barking deer.

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