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With over 48 Tiger Reserves across the country, we having explored every bit of most of them for the sake of our love, hold the key to unlock the many mystical, breath taking and awe inspiring experiences that they have to offer. With our passion for the wild, we have so much up our sleeve to bring to the forward looking traveller that even the wildest of the wild child in you would be fascinated. So whether you are looking for your family’s day out in the jungle, a corporate group tour into the wild, school trips into the wilderness or simply a sojourn into some exotic wildlife destinations in India, Tigerwalah takes the load off you and leaves you alone with quite literally the wild pleasures (no pun intended!). Be it your first journey into the deep jungle or the twentieth, go ahead, leave the planning and logistics management with us and get set for the promise of a unique experience every time.

With us you wouldn’t find a jungle experience that’s dull and you would leave us asking for more! As for us, we believe in two words- ALWAYS GAME.

Tiger Safaris

We conduct excursions to all the major tiger reserves in India and arrange everything from accommodation, food, Jungle safaris, travel arrangements, surface transfers, expert guidance and a memorable experience.

Our programs are designed with a lot of stress on responsible tourism and awareness. Our forte lies in our team of experienced drivers and naturalists across all our destinations that are fully focused on providing the most exhilarating and engaging experience to our visitors.

Full day tiger safaris are permitted at Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench & Tadoba Tiger Reserves for photographers and film makers. More info here

Full day & half day tiger safaris at Ranthambore. More info here

For people interested in Birding or specialized Photography excursions we design itineraries covering different areas of National Park focusing on their requirements and make sure the best naturalists accompany them for their trip.

Family Getaways

Whether a couple or a large family, we at Tigerwalah know what goes into creating a perfect family getaway and are masters at it. We understand that no two families can have the same expectations from a vacation. It is precisely for this reason that we do not believe in fit for all travel solution. When we plan your holiday, we interact with you, listen to you and then create that perfect, tailor made break for you where everything happens just the way YOU want. It’s really your holiday, with your ideas- we just plan it out for you!

Corporate Outings

With the increasing work pressure on today’s corporate professionals, office excursions are an ever popular trend these days. What could be better then, than to take a break from the concrete jungles of the corporate alleys and run to nature’s green jungles for that much needed respite?! Tigerwalah arranges corporate trips for large groups of professionals that gives you a special time with your colleagues away from the chaos of meetings, deadlines and office stress. On request, we can also arrange team building activities, goal setting sessions, strategy meets etc. and give you the perfect setting for them. So come, forget the office coffee and bond over the magic of the jungle-give a fresh lease to office ties and go back all charged up!

School Trips

Responsible wildlife tourism and conservation of the magnificent species of the Tiger being area core areas of our work, we are really keen on organizing school trips to the wild. No matter how clichéd it sounds, the future really rests in the hands of our children. It is therefore important for us to sensitize them towards not just wildlife conservation but also towards conserving our forests which prove to be our lifelines. There couldn’t be any better way than to take them right in the heart of the jungles and let them experience why are they so important for our survival. We make sure that when the children are out in the jungle, they are not just having fun but also getting educated with some of the most important lessons in taking caring for our environment- of course, in a fun filled, interactive way!

If wish to travel the road less travelled or are willing to explore new destinations, do try these lesser known but rich destinations in India with Tigerwalah. Write to us to know more:

Satpura Tiger Reserve
Kaziranga Tiger Reserve
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
Sariska Tiger Reserve