Full Day Safari at Ranthambore

Full Day Safari at Ranthambore

Full day/ half day safari option is now being offered  at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve to visitors apart from regular day visit permits. Under this scheme maximum 5 jeeps are permitted to stay inside the forest from sunrise to sunset & are provided zone free access across entire park, of course it does come at a cost.

Half day Safari at Ranthambore

Visitors would now have option to spend more time in forest than regular 3.30 hours shift by booking half day safari. Half day permits would be issued for 2 slots- sunrise till 12 noon & 12 noon to sunrise for maximum 6 hours each.

Advantages of Full day

More time– More time in the park simply means more time to track tigers and other wildlife. For full days visitors entry is permitted 15 minutes before the normal entry time & also an extra 15 minutes window is available post normal safari timings. We all know the importance of these extra minutes -when we spotted a tiger before everyone arrived, no need to leave an interesting subject just because time is getting over for normal safari. These extra minutes or hours become important in view of the fact that lot of times animal movement happens early morning & late evening.

Better sighting opportunities- With additional time & zone free access one definitely has more sighting opportunity as compared to regular safari. For all you know your jeep could be the only jeep at that spot.

No route restrictions-In a normal safari one has to travel on a preassigned route. At times when you are sure about a potential sighting on a given route you might not be able to secure the route, frustrating at times for sure. It is to be noted that one has access to areas open for tourism only.

No zone restriction– Unlike normal safari, even zone restriction is not applicable on  visitors on full day permit. No need to change the zone basis a good a sighting in previous safari, on a full day/half day tour you can move between zones. This means ultimate freedom & flexibility in tracking wildlife.

Hassle free- In a normal safari at most of the reserves you get a different guide & driver for each time and it is sometimes difficult have similar safari experience on all safaris. In case of full day safaris you have the same driver & naturalist accompanying you on all safaris. This definitely is a huge advantage-they know your preferences, have knowledge of your equipment  and images made so far which helps in planning safaris and sightings.

More on full day/half day

  • All  permits are at discretion of forest department, they have the right to accept or reject application for full day safari.
  • Limited number of full day/half day  permits ( 5 per day) are issued for each day, one has to apply well in advance to ensure one.
  • Maximum 5 persons are allowed per jeep for full day/half day apart from Driver & guide.
  • Cost of full day / half day tiger  is higher than a normal safari.
  • One would be allowed to choose driver & guide of choice.

Full day safari with Tigerwalah

Book your full day/half day tour with Tigerwalah  Write to us

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